Unicorns Are Real

By: Connor Campbell

Proof It!

Unicorns are real because littler kids believe in them! As long as kids believe in them they will stay real! Once kids stop believing, they will fade away like a cloud!
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Cool Bones

Look, they even have a skeleton in the museum of science! How much better proof can you get? They will one day die out because people have stopped believing in them! And once they do, the whole world will plunge into darkness because their glow will stop glowing!
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Look at this!

look above! If you can still tell me that unicorns aren't real, then I'll know that you are lying! I have proof! How much better can you get? I have real pictures taken by real photographers! What else do you want? They are real whether you like it or not!
Real Unicorn Spotted in New York!! MUST SEE!!