Where I Stand

By Brooklyn Forbes

Tourism in Ontario

In my opinion, tourism in Ontario is quite minimal. There are only a few places to go to and most are in the urban areas of Southern Ontario. I have not heard of many tourism places in Central or Northern Ontario. These are some of the more beautiful places in Ontario. In Southern Ontario there is the CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium and the Canadian part of Niagara Falls. There are many places in Northern Ontario where we can put nice spas and places to just get away that would be great for locals and also people visiting.

London, Ontario is named for the resemblance of its counter city London, England. But why come to London, Ontario when you can go to the real London in England? I think that this is why we need more unique attractions in our province, especially in the beautiful areas of Central and Northern Ontario.

Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

In my opinion, many farms are being sold to developers which means that more government money is being spent on importing different foods. I would rather pay for local, good quality food than pay for food that is imported and not as great of quality as locally grown food products. I understands that because of our location we cannot grow many foods, but the foods that grow here should be the ones that we stock on the shelves instead of imported goods. In my town, more rural land that could be used to grow more food is being sold to developers for homes and condominiums and this is causing our locally grown food profit to diminish. Is it not said that "good things grow in Ontario?" Then why are we importing goods from other countries around the world?

Community Safety

There are many regions in Ontario that do not have a lot of community safety. On my street, personally, I have seen the SWAT team close down the street twice. It concerns my family and others on my street that it takes many complaints and disturbances for the law to take action. I think that we should have more enforcement of laws and more surveillance in certain neighbourhoods not because of certain people and races that may live there but because of the history that involves the neighbourhoods and the previous inhabitants. When I walk home from school, I feel quite nervous walking past certain houses especially if there are unfamiliar people or cars in the driveways and if the garage door is open and dark, and I should feel safe in my own neighbourhood and in my house.

Also, speeding cars are a big issue for the people in my neighbourhood as many cars have come speeding down the hill and also ignoring the stop sign. I think that we should implement more speed bumps in certain communities that have residents that have a tendency to speed.