April Newsletter

What We Are Learning in First Grade

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 11th: Snow Make Up Day (Early Release @12)

Friday, April 17th: Report Cards Go Home

April 20th-27th: Read-a-thon

Saturday, April 25th: 5K for Fitness

April 27th-May 1st: Spring Book Fair

Wednesday, April 29th: Book Fair Ice Cream Social (5:30-7:00pm)

Thursday, April 30th: Poem In Your Pocket Day

Poem In Your Pocket Day

McDougle is celebrating national Poem in Your Pocket Day again this year!

Help your child find a poem for his or her pocket on Thursday, April 30th. Bring your favorite poem to school that day, write your own, or pick one up on the way to class.

As always, we'll have great fun sharing our poems all day long!


During math, we learned to recognize the properties of many 3D shapes (ex. cone, cube, cylinder, prism, pyramid, sphere). We learned to count the number of faces and verticies for each 3D shape. Please encourage your child to continue to identify these shapes in the real world- you can play "I Spy..." together. Next, we will be learning more about place value. We will be adding tens together, writing numbers in expanded form, and solving story problems that include two-digit numbers. We are ready for the challenge as we begin to prepare for 2nd grade!


In reading we our in the middle of our dramatizing characters unit. Students are learning to step into the characters shoes, and bringing characters to life. Students are thinking about the relationship between the characters and the plot and using story structure to retell and build comprehension. Students are paying attention to characters feelings throughout the text, and using voice to bring out book characters thoughts and feelings.

Students are paying attention to punctuation, and using that to read with expression. Students are also picking up on clues from the text that informs meaning, as well as drawing on experiences to develop a deeper meaning with the text. We are continuing to work on rereading for meaning, especially when something "big" happens in the the text. This is a fun unit and we hope that students are showing off their acting skills at home too! ---


In writing, we just finished our zoo animal research papers. Students picked an animal to research and gathered information on their appearance, habitat, and diet. Students then wrote sentences about what they learned and typed them into a paper. They also created a diorama to go along with their writing. Come check out our projects in the hallway! This month we will be working on being able to write about the beginning, middle, and end of stories that we read.

Project Time

During PBL, our students learned about the habitats, needs, and characteristics of a variety of animals that came with our science kit. Some of these animals included fish, snails, ants, and other organisms. They were also responsible for taking care of these animals and setting up their habitats. This led into our Animal Research Project where the students chose their favorite animal from the zoo field trip. They spent two days researching their animal and filled out graphic organizers to help them with their research papers. Students typed up their research reports and created dioramas to show the habitat of their chosen animal.