U.S. History

Sunshine High School

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to school! I hope you have enjoyed your summer and are ready for the new school year. The first day of class is always exciting, full of promise for the new year. My name is John Smith. I will be teaching 9th grade U.S. History. I am entering my third year of teaching at Sunshine High School. This newsletter outlines the objectives and goals I have set for my students this school year.

First Unit Of Study

This year my students will be learning U.S. History. We will start the semester learning about the formation of the Thirteen Colonies. Beginning with the precolonial period, and the reasons behind the arrival of the new settlers, we will continue on to the events leading to the revolution, the revolution itself, and what followed after the revolution.
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Classroom Information

My goal for this semester is not only for students to learn history, but to be excited about learning history. I will be using various teaching methods to engage students in the material. I intend to create a climate of community in the classroom. I plan to incorporate group activities and encourage discussion in class. I will also use films and documentaries relating to the material to keep students engaged. We will also recreate specific events in history during class to give students a better understanding of how the events unfolded.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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