By Richard Matheson


Robert Neville. The seemingly soul-survivor of pandemic that spread incredibly fast infecting everyone in the world in months, except Neville. Everyone infected, dead or alive, came back with a thirst for blood. This was three years before. Now Neville lives by day by day, securing his house with garlic and boards, and when night falls he makes sure is inside his home because that's when they come out. They wait outside his house every night and can't come out into the sunlight, and if they do then they will die. Neville hasn't seen a single person since the outbreak and he believes that he is the last person alive. He finally decides that he needs to find the source of the outbreak so he can hopefully find a cure and begin humanity again.


During this book the book the emotion that I felt the most of would probably be sympathy. This man, Robert Neville, has not spoken to or interacted with a real person in three years. Some of the creatures aren't dead so they can talk, but they aren't exactly good friends with Neville. He goes through almost the same routine every day and has been for three years. He just attend to immediate matters to the house to fortify it and if the house has no immediate things that needs to be done than he just goes hunting for the creatures. He has been alone for three whole years.


I think that the theme of this book is to not give up no matter how hard you want to. Things for Neville were always boring and desolate, he even wondered why he didn't just end it all right there, he could've just been done, no more. Instead he decided to keep fighting, not let them beat him. He put all of his anger and frustration into finding a cure, being productive, and after he did a lot of work and made progress he felt good. Although in doing so he ran into more questions than answers and just got even more frustrated, he kept pushing and eventually made progress.

Who Should Red This Book

Anyone who likes a sci-fi book should read this. If you liked the Maze Runner by James Dashner then I think you will enjoy this book.

“A man could get used to anything if he had to.” - Robert Neville

“But it was hard to keep his hands still. He could almost feel them twitching emphatically with his strong desire to reach out and stroke the dog's head. He had such a terrible yearning to love something again, and the dog was such a beautiful ugly dog.”