Protecting our Environment

Recycling makes a real difference in protecting our Environment...

Recycling help the environment and we can all benefit from recycling things from around the house, at work and during our leisure time.

Recycling at home:

  • Have a recycling container next to the bin
  • Don't waste food
  • Use plastic bags or totes to store materials for recycling
  • Choose products with the highest percentage of "post-consumer" recycled content
  • Clean bottles and tins before putting in the recycling bin, prevents flies
  • Put a 'no junk mail' sticker on your letter box
  • Use old Newspapers, useful at home in many ways
  • Reuse and recycle everyday objects

Save energy, to save money

You have the power to save money and energy. Saving energy reduces our nation's overall demand for resources needed to make energy, and increasing your energy efficiency. The same for electronic equipment.

Saving Energy at home:

  • Install compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Unplug appliances when you're not using them
  • Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible
  • Air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher's drying cycle
  • Check to see that windows and doors are closed when heating or cooling your home
  • Keep your cell phones, computers, and other electronics as long as possible
  • Donate or recycle them responsibly when the time comes
  • Drive sensibly; aggressive driving such as speeding, and rapid acceleration and braking, wastes fuel

Save water to save life

Why use more than we need? It's more important than ever to try and save water. There are so many ways you can help preserve this precious resource.

Save water at home:

  • Take short showers instead of baths
  • Install new toilets than use less water
  • Get an Energy Star labeled washing machine
  • Turn off sink faucet while scrubbing dishes
  • Put faucet aerators on sink faucets
  • Turn off the water while washing hand and brushing teeth

Listen to this global warning, take some care and stop the warming!

Help reduce your environmental impact, save money, and live a happier, healthier life.

  • Reducing waste, recycling is good for the environment, it conserves natural resources
  • More energy efficient is a largely untapped solution to addressing global warming, energy security, and fossil fuel depletion.
  • Saving water help to conserve vital resources