Walter White

By: Claire Patnaude

Where was Walter White born and when did he die?

Walter White was born on July, 1, 1893 in Atlanta, Georgia. He died of a heart attack on March, 21, 1995 at the age of 61 in New York City.

What major contributaitions did this person have durning the Harlem Renassance?

Walter White came to be the most devoted fighter in the effort to stamp out lynching and race riots in United States and he worked to end segregation.

What did Walter White contribute?

Walter White was the first activist involved in a protest move against the Atlanta Board Of Education. He also wrote books such as A Rising Wind, Fire In The Flint, and Flight. These books talked about African Americas being treated wrong.

Why was Walter White important durning the Harlem Renaissance?

Walter White held riots, walks, and strikes to gain rights for African Americans. He also wrote books to show how they were treated wrong.

How has Walter White affected his community, world and/or their discipline?

He helped African Americans have equal rights and showed that they should not be treated differently than Caucasian people. This was a major contribution during this time in history as African Americans were attempting to gain rights in American society.

How would the world be different if Walter White was never born?

Walter White was a major contributor to gaining of equal rights for African Americans had not been born, it is likely that race riots and lynching would have continued for a much longer period of time. If Walter White had not been born African Americans may not have been granted the basic human rights that they have today.

How has Walter White affected you?

Walter White helped make African Americans equal so now we can go to school together, use the same bathrooms and drink from the same water fountain. Today African Americans and Caucasians can get married and have children without prejudice and this likely would not have happened if it weren't for people like Walter White.
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