Reading Stations

Week of December 14th-18th

Station 1: Review with Ms. J

Bring your laptop to review last week's CFA with Ms. J.

Titanic Accounts

Last Week's CFA

Station 2: Perspective with Ms. Hartmann

Take a pencil and your laptop to read this article on penguins with Ms. Hartmann to discuss perspective.

Station 3: Book Order Scavenger Hunt

Get a book order and a worksheet from WHITE DRAWER #1. Use the book order to complete the activity.

I will be taking a grade on this by Friday!

Station 4: Study Island

Continue the Study Island lessons we started last week. Remember that you are to have earned all 7 blue ribbons by the end of this week! I will be taking a grade on Friday!

Station 5: iReady

Work on iReady Reading the entire time we are in this station!

Station 6: Opinion Writing

Go to this link to read about Opinion Writing and to choose your writing topic.

Get a worksheet out of WHITE DRAWER #6 to complete about your topic.

This needs to be complete by Friday. We will be using it when we get back from Winter Break!

Early Finishers:

  • Enjoy this time to Read to Self!