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The Clever R-V School District is proposing a no tax increase bond issue on the April 6, 2021 election ballot. This is the third in our series of newsletters designed to give information on what this bond covers. The bond issue contains three main elements--HVAC improvements, an activities field house, and safety/security upgrades. This newsletter will discuss proposed activity field house. Our goal is to continue to provide information allowing everyone to make an informed decision when they go to the polls on April 6.
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Our athletic complex houses facilities for baseball, softball, track, cross country, tennis, golf, and football. Adding a field house to our complex will build on what we started and provide needed storage space, an additional concession area, additional restrooms, and team locker rooms. The results of our long range planning survey showed us that 73.6% of those responding support the construction of a field house.

Our programs have shown continued growth and success, but the additional traffic has caused stress on our existing facilities. Using the high school locker rooms for football has increased the wear and tear on rooms and hallways that were not designed for that use. Maintaining and repairing those hallways and locker rooms has become problematic. A field house will allow us to maintain our high school building and locker rooms and provide locker rooms specifically designed to accommodate outdoor sports.

Our community also utilizes our athletic complex for youth sports, walking tracks, tennis courts, 4th of July celebrations, etc. The added concessions and public restrooms will be a welcome addition.

This field house would put the finishing touch on our previous long range plan. While there is also support for a new middle school, our bonding capacity prevents us from building one at this time. Current enrollment projections show fluctuation in class sizes which will allow us time to plan for a new middle school building. After reviewing the numbers and projections, the long range planning committee felt that the needs of the district would be best met by putting a new middle school building in Phase II of our long range plan.

Below is the floor plan for the proposed field house.

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More information along with a link to submit questions regarding the bond issue can be found on our district website ( under "Long-Range Planning".