By: Jobyas James

Who were the Vandals?

The vadals were a Germanic people belonging to the families of East Germany. They migrated between Elbe and Vistula. At the time of the Marcomannic War the vandals had lived in waht we call today Silesia. In 270 AD the Vandals with there allies the Sarmatians invaded Roman territory along the Rhine River. There is mention of two branches of the Vandals government: The Siling Vandal in the northwest & The Asding Vandalsin the south.

Gunderic, The Vandal King 428 AD

In 410-420 AD the romans tried to get rid of the Siling Vandals & The Alans from southern spain. The Romans empolyed the visigoths to get rid of them the visigoths finally acomplished in ruining them. Gunderic there king in the 410's. the Alans in the war against the visigoths lost there king Ataces and most of its army. Soon the rest of the Alans joined king Gunderic who became the king of the Vandals and the Alans.

Hilderich, The Vandal King 523-530 AD

He was the brother of Gunthamung, he tryed to bring together the catholics and the Arainism. It didn't work as well as he had intened so he went to threats and torture. he sent 120 bishops to Sardinia. Sometime he fread an invasion for Italty.

Thrasamund, the Vandal King 496-523 AD

He was the grandson of Galseric and was a mild homosexual. He loved the catholics and granted them freedom. For 7 years the church went into a process called reorganisation. There was a revalution in the palace to bring back the days of persecution.


The battle of Ad Decium

Rome was about to attack Vandal territory. The Vandals were basically unarmed because part of his army and fllet away in Sardinia. The king knew he would have to wait for his brother to come back with the army. When the brother came back the king split the army into 3 groups, his brother would attak the vangaured and his nephew would attack the left flank and himself would attack the Belisarius. The Vandals were not victorious in battle and gave up when there leader Ammatas was killed.

The battle of Ticameron

The battle was fought on the 15th December 533 AD. The Roman immediately charged 3 times into the Vandals rank. In the 3rd charge, Tzazo was killed in front of Gelimer. Gelimer soon started to retreat. Gelimer and his army fled to Numidia. The Vandals had lost about 3,000 men taken prisoner or killed. The Vandal kingdom was at lost atnorth Africa. All the taken land by the Vandals were returned to the Eastern Rome Empire.


After Belisarius loaded all the gold and other valuables onto his fleet and returned to Carthage. The citizens greeted general Belisarius and his army as the walked through Hippodome. Followed by Gelimer and his family and the best looking of the Vandals prisoners.

Gelimer the last of the Vandal king !

The Roman emporer gave Gelimer a offer of a rich estate were him and his family could live out there lives in safety and peace. Over 2,000 Vandal prisoners were very unfortunate and formed 5 imperial regiments know as Vandali Justiniani. they marched to persian and survived as the could.