Amy Dunn

an assignment from ELA1

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the secret life of Amy Dunn

Everyone went completely and utterly silent as the sound of my body tumbling to the floor echoed throughout the room. and then chaos. students were pushing this way and that, even resorting to jumping on a desk all to see what was happening to the weird girl. meanwhile, i writhed in indescribable pain on the floor, wanting so Desperately to scream out the word 'help'. instead all that managed to escape my throat was nothing but that days lunch, and possibly the day before that's lunch as well. the students began screaming and running- some to the door, some to the other side of the room. two long spikes shot out of my back, stretching nearly longer than i was tall. and from them a bunch of smaller spikes shot out of them in random directions. i felt like my body was being torn apart, put back together, and then torn apart over and over again. it wasn't until the skin from those 'random' spikes stared to connect to one another did i realize what was really truly happening to me. but before i could let it sink in anymore than that suddenly up come freaking feathers. thousands of them everywhere. the pain only made me scream (throw up) more. it felt like my body was getting stabbed thousands and thousands of times by millions of swords at the same moment. the feathers- they where an odd shade of silver with hints of blue, and they pored down my back like a river flowing into the ocean. the pain slowly subsided and i stood up,dazed and confused.

where am i? ...who am i? ....who are these people? do i know them?

why are they staring at me? stop staring at me.

stop please

just stop

no STOP!

my hand tore away from my body with its fingertips stretched out, clawing anyone that happened to be too close. that 'anyone' turned out to be a boy to my left, who was flung across the room, and hit the wall with a painful thud. said boy moaned, as blood slowly trickled down his forehead. the blood seemed to taunt me, as if making fun of me for every single bad thing id ever done in my life. like it seemed to know everything about me, who i am, who i was....

who i was...

and with the slap of a book and a rude awakening, i was back in my ever-so-normal-and-boring fourth hour math class. sitting like every other student, wingless, and boring. did i mention its boring? you see, all I've ever wanted to be was something different. something out of the norm, the something that meant adventure. something. other than... this... so call me crazy if you like, but life is so much more interesting in my head than real life. in real life your supposed to get up everyday and go to school then go home so eventually you can go get up and work everyday then go home so then you can have some semblance of happiness in your life but whats so happy about working in a cubical? whats so happy about spending ever moment of your day on things like iPod and iPhone when you could be working for things like saving the world or getting your gold back from giant dragons, or figuring out what kind of monster your fighting so you can save people. do something big. not be another normal average worker working 6-days a week so you can pay for and raise a kid that's just going to do the exact same all over again. in this world there is nothing magical. nothing out of the ordinary.

What i want to do when i grow up

well i figured id add this considering the fact that the above may have left you confused as to my ambitions.

well, i have a list (in order)-

  • actress
  • ELA teacher
  • Author
  • homicide detective
  • no politics
  • tumblr blogger
  • that one guy who accidentally saved the world
  • god not through politics though please
  • singer(probably not going to happen)
  • i hate politics

My Favorite quotes

"its not the face that make the monster. its the choices they make with their life that do" ~Naruto Uzumaki

"you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because some of life's greatest lessons are learned through pain" ~Nagato

"ultametly we are judged by what we cannot change." ~Neji Hyuga

"if you don't like your destiny, don't except it. instead, have the courage to make it the way you want it to be!" ~Naruto Uzumaki

Books you need to read


*=movie adaption #=terrible movie adaption $= possible movie

strong female lead
  • Mortal instruments series- Cassandra Clare*
  • maximum ride- James Patterson$
  • the finisher- David Baldacci
  • the book thief- Markus Zusak*
  • divergent*
  • double identity- Margret Peterson Haddix
  • claim to fame- Margret Petterson Haddix

strong male lead

  • Ender's Game- Orson Scott Key#
  • percy jackson the lightning thief#
  • miss pergerines home for peculiar children
  • The hobbit- j.r.r. Tolkien*
  • Harry Freaking Potter*

More "mature" reads (bit gorey bit adult theme bit... well)

  • the lovely bones*
  • i am legend- richard matheson*
  • i, alex cross- james patterson$
  • Forgotten- Cat Patrick
  • stone child- Dan Pobloki
  • The nightmarys- Dan Pobloki
  • The ghost of greylock- Dan Pobloki

Graphic Novels/manga

  • Fullmetal alchemist- Hiromu Arakawa# (brotherhood is based perfectly off of the books, the other version is no)
  • Naruto- Kishimoto*

Tv Shows/movies to watch

*= its on netflix #=adult themes =top ten M= movie T= tv show

How I live Now--*#M (about an american girl who goes to britain right before war

starts and falls in love with her cousin.......but i swear its good.)

now you see me--M (Magic)

the starving games--*#M (you guessed it- spin off of hunger games!)

insidious 1&2--*#M (watch them together it'll make more sense. warning: TRIPPY AS HECK)

The Exorcism--#M (um... based on a true story... nuff said)

Supernatural--*#T (two brothers travel around in a beautiful car killing monsters and demons. its got more to it but there's too much to get into its just beautiful Warning:more than one religion is in it to avoid conflict.)

Doctor Who--*T (well um. human looking alien travels through space and time saving lives)

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood--*#T (yes, anime, no not THAT kind of adult theme)

Naruto--#T (same^) (at first it'll seem really like stupid but all stupidity has a deep like saddening reason behind it. trust me. if your more of an emotional person you will REALLY love this one)

Death Note--*#T (if you like messed up criminal shows from the psycho's POV, here you go!)

Music/songs you should listen to regardless of what you like

Carry on my wayward son- Kansas

sweet child o mine- guns and roses

master of puppets- Metallica

iron man- Black Sabbath

hail to the king- avenged Sevenfold

broken- Seether

angel with a shotgun- the cab

face down- red jumpsuit apparatus

Never Too Late- Three Days Grace

Last To Know - three days grace

glad you came- remix by we came as Romans

My Favorite Characters

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