What's the Bureaucracy?

The Bureaucracy's' Relevance Government

Can I Get a Definition?

The bureaucracy is the system of managing the government through many departments which are ran by appointed officials.

A man named MAX WEBER understood the bureaucracy to be the DRIVING FORCE IN MODERN SOCIETY. The facts below will tell you just why he may have believed that theory to be true.

Can You Wrap Your Head Around It All?

It Really Is Difficult to Understand

The Bureaucracy is filled with tons of agencies and policies and people and just STUFF! It is very hard to control due to it's administering discretion, the fact that the bureaucracy implements the policies made, and because if iron triangles. The Bureaucracy is truly a crazy thing, a ginormous group that is misunderstood greatly by us Americans; but the role that the Bureaucracy plays in our everyday life is just as big.