Kylee the Musician

" Muisc completes me in a way nothing else ever well."

" Who am I "

My interest, skills, values, self-esteem, and learning styles all matter when finding a job so here they are. My interests are Music teachers, Literature teachers, and school councilors. My skills are Language, Fine Arts, and Marketing. I value my family, friends, music abilities, and well wisdom. My self-esteem is that I have a realistic sense of self-esteem that is well balanced. My learning style is that I use vision and hearing to help me learn. All these things should be considered or matters when finding a job, because you want to find a job that you will enjoy for the rest of your life and you would never regret your job.

" Where am I going "

My career as a musician is that I would have to play in live audiences in many different styles of music mostly in halls, arenas, and clubs. My work schedule would be in recording sessions and rehearsals through out my day. I get paid $23.50 an hour per day. The job outlook is only 5% growth. The cluster that musician is in Arts cluster because music is a type of an art. Something interesting about my job is that I only need a bachelors degree or a high school education.

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" How do I get there "

The college I will attend is Florida State University located in Tallahassee, Florida. I want to go to this college because I want to study music and its also a out of state college. The degree that I need for my job is only a bachelors degree or a high school education but I am willing to go for a masters degree. The tuition cost is $21,673 per year. 2 scholarships that I'm hoping/wanting to get is a music scholarships and I don't have the other one figured out it.