NOACSC Quarterly Newsletter

4th Quarter - 2022

From the Executive Director

I hope everyone has gotten off to a strong start to the school year. As I have been visiting districts and attending meetings, it feels like this year has more of a "normal" feel to it than the past few. Hopefully this is a welcome feeling.

We are doing our best to engage our districts and support their needs. I have been visiting with all of the new superintendents of our 54 member districts. We have also brought in all the new technology coordinators to our office to connect with them and provide resources to ensure their success. We would love to visit your district as well. If you would like me or another member of our staff to come and visit your district for any reason, please reach out and we will get something scheduled.

Our Technology Advisory Committee has been reestablished and will conduct our first meeting in October. We are thankful to those who have agreed to serve. If you have any information you think would be valuable to the committee, please contact a member. The committee list is found at

Finally, I want to invite you to our membership meeting. NOACSC has not held a membership meeting since 2018. As a new director, I want to connect with all of our member districts and center our time together on a meaningful theme. Therefore, we are focusing our meeting on the topic of Cyber Security and Insurance. We have a great morning planned for you, including breakfast sponsored by Stolly Insurance, a cyber security round table from member districts and guest speaker Ohio Representative Susan Manchester. For details and registration information, see below. We hope you will join us at the Lima Civic Center on Wednesday, November 2 for this great event!


Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 8:30-11:30am

7 Town Square

Lima, OH

Join us on Wednesday, November 2 from 8:30-11:30 at the Lima Civic Center in the City Club room.

  • 8:30-9:00 - Registration and breakfast sponsored by Stolly Insurance
  • 9:00-11:30 - NOACSC Membership Meeting

Meeting topics include:

  • Introduction of NOACSC staff
  • Speakers Geoff Andrews (MCOECN CEO) and Susan Manchester (Ohio Representative)
  • Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance

The target audience is superintendents, treasurers, tech coordinators and any other staff whom districts feel would benefit from these topics.

NOACSC Membership Meeting Registration

To help us get a head count for breakfast, please register the number of people attending by clicking this link.

💻GenYES Ohio

Do you use students to support the education technology in your districts? Have you considered this in the past but have not known where to start?

GenYES Ohio from INFOhio is a powerful program where students become Student Technology Leaders (STLs) at their school. In GenYES Ohio, STLs…

  • Learn about technology through projects created to support their school’s tech integration goals
  • Gain communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and leadership skills
  • Support teachers and peers by providing mentoring, tech support, and practical leadership to support learning

GenYES Ohio can be implemented as a class, club, gifted program...whatever you can imagine. GenYES has a curriculum, certificate and community of practice for elementary, middle or high school.

For more information about GenYES Ohio, visit For additional questions, contact Ben at

🍁🍂Team Updates🍂🍁

Staff Directory

Our staff is here to serve you! If you have a need, please feel free to contact a member of our team. We offer both onsite (yours or ours) and remote trainings at any time.

Student Services

The start of school is the busiest time of year for the Student Services team, working with scheduling, course and course section assignments, teacher gradebooks, and the other numerous details that need to be in place for a successful start to the school year. We know you work hard for your students, and we’re here to support that mission!

We have welcomed on board a new team member, Chris Zacharias, who joins us from Findlay. Next time you’re in the office, introduce yourself!

Our team continues to host and present training sessions for various areas of StudentInformation and GradeBook throughout the school year. Upcoming trainings and refreshers include sessions on Student Marks and Honor Roll/GPA on Oct. 4, the Medical module on Oct.18, and Graduation Points on Nov. 8. To sign up for trainings, which will be a mix of in-person and online, click here , or go to our NOACSC website ( and click on “Sign Up For Training” in the top banner of the homescreen. For more information about trainings in 2023, what the trainings will cover and in which format/s they will take place, click here , or go to the “Training Calendar” in the top banner.

Also on our NOACSC website, we have several new training videos posted. These are recordings of trainings already completed this school year, and include presentations on the Discipline module, Beginning of the School Year reminders, and a Security module refresher. To view the list of videos available, click here or go to our website, click on Student Services, then click on Recorded trainings under Student Information.

In the same Student Services area, there is also a recorded training for the job posting system SchoolSpring and the Ohio K-12 Jobs Board ( ). If new personnel in your district will be dealing with job postings in the future, here’s a great place to start when the time comes.

If you have not done so already, check out the new Learning Center that is part of the latest update to the ProgressBook system. This resource replaces the previous Web Help area, but is reached through the same question mark icon at the upper right of the StudentInformation purple banner. This area still contains all of the same product guides, procedural checklists and training videos you’ve come to love and depend on, but also now boasts a new keyword Search capability. Make sure you scroll down to see the Training Resources section at the bottom of the home screen, which pulls together a lot of helpful information for new users and trainer personnel.

EMIS Services

Several of us from the NOACSC EMIS team attended the OEDSA conference at the end of September and were happy to see some of our district EMIS Coordinators there. Conferences and trainings are important since EMIS seems to constantly change and grow. There is always something to learn.

We’d like to make sure that everyone is aware of the “Exiting Student Follow-up” (FW) record and collection that are being added this school year. Districts should have received information directly from ODE about this. Here are some General Guidelines from the EMIS manual:

This record is required reporting for all students who left secondary education before the current school year, including students who left during the prior year, at the end of the prior year, or during the summer. Students reported on the record fall within one or more of the following categories:

  • All exiting students who were career-technical concentrators at any point in their Ohio public school career,
  • Students who graduated during the prior school year, including summer graduates, and regardless of the year they were expected to graduate, and
  • Students who—at the time of exiting—were reported with a disability condition.

Districts are responsible for gathering the follow-up information. More details about actually reporting the data in EMIS are coming.

Upcoming scheduled events:

Oct. 3rd – Frontline New EMIS Coordinator training (especially for those with 3 years or less experience)

Oct. 5th – FY23 Period “L” EMIS Reporting Checklist (DASL)

Oct. 7th – 1-Day OAEP Conference (see the Ohio Association of EMIS Professionals website)

Oct. 13th – FY23 Period “S” EMIS Reporting Checklist (DASL)

Oct. 18th – Crosscheck Demo (tool used for additional checking and reviewing of data reported in the Data Collector)

We also expect to have several more EMIS Alliance Trainings before the end of the calendar year such as on Excel, the TLC reports, and the Federal Child Count.

You may register for all of the above, except for the OAEP conference, through the NOACSC website.

Fiscal Services

NOACSC Annual Invoices will be sent via email the first part of October. Please verify for accuracy. Estimates were sent in July.

Aundrea Fricke has been a wonderful addition to the Fiscal team. Many fiscal users have already spoken with Aundrea on the phone by now. She has trained with Elida schools and Kalida schools besides being thrown into the fire at NOACSC and is currently helping Bath schools with payroll. We are very appreciative of her quick learning and wonderful attitude to jump in and solve problems.

Amy Rau-Lawhorn and Jon Pyles deserve a shoutout as they have done a wonderful job bringing Aundrea up to speed. Amy stepped her through tickets as Aundrea was learning and Jon had Aundrea running NOACSC’s payroll in no time. There has been a lot of teaching and learning going on in the fiscal department.

In the past quarter everyone has been wrapping up STRS Advance for another fiscal year. Have you checked your STRS reported amount to make sure you withheld the correct amount and sent it to STRS?

Reminder: At the bottom of the Payroll Report, there is a total that is STRS advance specific called ‘Payroll Item Strs Advancement.’ This value should be $0.00.

NOACSC also saw more MOE (Maintenance of Effort) issues for districts than a normal year. Please know an MOE report exists in USAS and can be run by date. For example, it could be run for 10/2022 and then 10/2021 to compare this year versus last year.

NOACSC will be holding a User Group Meeting October 19th and 20th. If you haven’t signed-up please do so. The agenda will cover:

  • Dates in the USPS software and what they affect – Start/Stop Dates.
  • EMIS Period L Checklist
  • Mass Changes
  • DUO Security – Multi Factor Authentication
  • ODE Report Card and how EMIS relates
  • Report Bundles and Account Filters
  • Any walk-on topics or questions from the participants

The EMIS Period L deadline is not until January, however it is recommended each district submits early.

We will be covering DUO security in our user group meeting, but multi-factor authentication is going to be a new level of security in USPS and USAS. This option will be implemented district by district, so we expect it to take us a little time once we have the process tested. More info to come.

The Calendar Year-End is quickly approaching – if you are new to your district, do you have a TCC code to file 1099’s? Does someone in your office have access to file your districts W2’s? This was a new, painful process last year and we hope for it to not be as painful this year. We will be scheduling Calendar year-end meetings once we get a little closer. Blank W2s have arrived in our office and are ready for printing.

Additional Features:

Employee Onboarding is a newer option in USPS and multiple users have implemented it and like using this feature in USPS.

The workflow option is a newer option in USAS. For NOACSC, we have set up workflows and use it for requisition approval. The advantage of using it is the user doesn’t have to log into a separate application to access the requisition workflow process. All requisitions needing approval show directly on the home screen in USAS.

As Always: Our support email is:, our phone number is: 419 228-7417 option 3 is for fiscal.

Network Services

Carbon Black EDR

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is required by most cyber insurance plans and is a highly recommended application for the security of your users and network. Carbon Black EDR is available at a 70% discount through an authorized OARnet dealer through October 31, 2022. We strongly recommend taking advantage of this offer and installing it on all staff Windows and Mac devices. For a list of authorized dealers, visit If you need any assistance with installation, please contact our network services team.

Big picture

Email Phishing

Phishing emails and text messages often tell a story to trick you into clicking on a link or opening an attachment. You might get an unexpected email or text message that looks like it’s from a company you know or trust, like a bank or a credit card or utility company. Or maybe it’s from an online payment website or app. The message could be from a scammer, who might

  • say they’ve noticed some suspicious activity or log-in attempts — they haven’t
  • claim there’s a problem with your account or your payment information — there isn’t
  • say you need to confirm some personal or financial information — you don’t
  • include an invoice you don’t recognize — it’s fake
  • want you to click on a link to make a payment — but the link has malware
  • say you’re eligible to register for a government refund — it’s a scam
  • offer a coupon for free stuff — it’s not real

To protect yourself from phishing attacks, you should:

  • protect yourself by using security software
  • protect your cell phone by setting software to update automatically
  • protect your accounts by using multifactor authentication
  • protect your data by backing it up


NOACSC Training Calendar

Check out our updated training calendar for all of the 2022-23 training opportunities. Our staff is always available for individual trainings, both on site and at your district. Contact a team member today to schedule your individualized training!

Finalforms Onsite training

FinalForms will be conducting two regional training sessions in our office on October 12. The trainings are:

  • 10:00 - Fundamentals for New Users: Learn the basics of online forms, student statuses, and automated alerts to streamline parents/studentcommunication and information distribution – beyond your wildest dreams!
  • 11:00 - Management Enrollment Records and Gatekeeper: Go beyond the basics and learn how to manage student information from beginning to end, enrollment to SIS, by diving into our powerful “modes” and “gatekeeper” interfaces.
  • 1:00 - FinalForms Demonstration

To register for any of these trainings, visit our training calendar. Below is a description of each session.

✔️EMIS CrossCheck Demo

Our EMIS team would like to invite you to a demonstration of an exciting new tool being used by some of our districts. EMIS CrossCheck is a program that is used in conjunction with the Data Collector to give you more insight to the data you’re submitting to ODE.

This program was developed with intent to help save school districts funds that could potentially be lost by misreporting data. Keeping this in mind below are a few checks CrossCheck has to offer.

  • Calendar Checks
  • Staff & Course Checks
  • Student Data Checks
  • Special Ed Checks
  • Graduation Checks

If you’d like to find out more about EMIS CrossCheck please join us either in person or by Zoom Tuesday October 18, 2022

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

To register, visit our training calendar on our website.

🗓 Important Dates

  • October 12 - FinalForms trainings onsite
  • October 18 - EMIS CrossCheck demo online and onsite
  • November 2 - Membership Meeting at Lima Civic Center City Club
  • November 16 - NOACSC Board of Directors Meeting
  • November 24-25 - Offices closed for Thanksgiving
  • December 23 & 26 - Offices closed for Christmas


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