The Stoffle Gazette

May 6, 2016

News from this week

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful Teacher Appreciation gifts I received this week! I truly feel appreciated by all of my students, and I feel blessed to have such a wonderful class! I love each and everyone of my wonderful students and I will really miss them when they move on to 5th grade next year. I also have such a great group of parents so I thank you, parents, for all of your support and for everything you do for your children. They are amazing little people who will grow up to be amazing and successful adults!

We are in desperate need of parent volunteers to help out at the 4th grade Field Day on Thursday, May 19 from 8:30-10:00. If you able to volunteer please contact Alison Woodall, at

The author Carmen Deedy will be coming to our school on Monday, May 9 to talk with the students in grades 3-5. She comes to our school every year and the kids absolutely love it when they see her. She is very funny and she keeps the students engaged the whole time. You have the opportunity to buy some of her books and she will sign them when she is here. If you would like to order one of her books, there is an order form in the Friday Folder.

There will be a half priced book fair coming up May 10-12. We will not browse at the fair, but if anyone wants to buy books, they can bring money those days and I will send them to buy books. This is a great way to get books for the summer to keep your child reading. More information is in the Friday Folder.

Thank you to all of the parents who sent in the last bit of supplies! We are good now until the end of the year.

Here are the remaining days for our countdown for The Last 26 Days of School

Week of 5/9-5/13

N-No Homework Day

O-Oreo Day (students will provide)

P-Pajama Day

Q-Question Day - Think of some appropriate questions you want to ask Mrs. Stoffle or a friend

R-Read around the room day

Week of 5/16-5/20

S-Summer Birthday Celebration

T-Twin Day

U-Unique hair day

V-Video or vacation Day

W-Wittzle Pro Day

Week of 5/23-25

X-X-tra fun day

Y-Year end clean up day

Z-Zip out of school day

I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day weekend!

Coming up next week

Reading: We will build reading fluency through reader's theater.

Writing: We will be writing a letter to our future selves.

Math: We will be reviewing Line Plots and Symmetry.

Science: We will learn about the food chain of an owl by dissecting owl pellets.

Social Studies: We will start to preview 5th grade material.

Other Important Information


Gwinnett Online Campus is now registering for the 2016-17 school year. If you are interested, here is the link.


The Library Now Has E-books!

Access them from your smartphone, tablet, Kindle, Nook, Mac and Windows computer! There are also several audiobooks available. Download the Brytewave app on your device and see the directions below.

Accessing eBooks From a Device

Step #1: Search for the Follett Brytewave K-12 App in your store

Step #2: Open up the app and enter your State, School name and then login using your

student number and password.***Make sure you select the “Stay logged in” option.

Accessing eBooks From a Computer

From a computer- Login to your eClass page and click on “Media Catalog” (see picture below). Then, you can login to our catalog using your username and password. To search for an ebook type the title or type ebook to see a list of all available ebooks.

Spelling Words and Root of the Week

Root of the Week: micro-, = small, mega-, megalo- = big

Spelling Words of the Week: