A Christmas Carol

Novella By Charles Dickens

Stave 1

We met:

1. Ebenezer Scrooge

  • Old
  • Mean
  • Grumpy

2. Marley's Ghost

  • Little Chubby
  • Old
  • Pale

3. Bob Cratchit

  • Hard Worker
  • Skinny
  • Cheerful

4. Fred (Scrooge's Nephew)

  • Cheerful
  • Kind to everyone
  • Young

Stave 2

In stave 2 of the story "A Christmas Carol" we meet the ghost of christmas past, who takes Scrooge to several places. The first place that the spirit takes Scrooge is his town that he grew up in, it shows him when it was the holiday and he was sitting in the school reading. The ghost showed him that so he would recognize that he was alone for that time and it was shown to kind of soften him up so that he wasn't so hard to persuade. Then the ghost fast forward time to when he was older and his sister had came to bring him home for the holidays. It shows him that he was loved all along and that he needs to spend time with people. Another thing he was shown was a party at Fezziwig's place and that he wasn't working over the holiday. It was shown to him because he was making Bob Cratchit work on the holiday and that it wasn't fair since he never had to work on christmas. The last thing he was shown was when his fiance broke off the engagement. That was shown to tell Scrooge that he messed up his relationship but when it showed her missing him it tells Scrooge that she still cared about him.

Stave 3

In stave 3 we met the ghost of christmas present. He shows Scrooge the Cratchits being cheerful but also that Mrs. Cratchit doesn't like Scrooge because she is complaining about how her husband gets treated. Its showing Scrooge that no matter what people are happy but at the same time they do not like Scrooge. After that he was shown a ship and some miners and a couple guys in a light house all being happy on christmas. That was shown to tell Scrooge that he needs to be happy on christmas because it is a very happy holiday. Finally he was shown his cousins house and they were playing games and Scrooge was happy until they made fun of him. That was supposed to show Scrooge that the way he treats people is not good and that even his family doesn't like the way he is.

Stave 4

In stave 4 we meet the ghost of christmas future. He does not say anything the entire stave but shows several things to Scrooge. He is shown people taking his things (but does not know it is his things) and selling them on the black market. It shows him that since he treated people so bad they didn't care he died, they only cared about making money off of his stuff. Then he was shown his body laying on the bed and after that he was shown his grave. This told Scrooge that is if does not change then he will die and nobody will care.

Stave 5

In stave 5 of "A Christmas Carol" Scrooge finally comes to his senses and makes a change. He decides to buy the award winning turkey and give it to the Cratchits for christmas. On top of that he raises Bobs salary. Also he starts being nice to everyone on the street.

The moral of the story is that you need to treat people the way you would like to be treated. Its that moral because Scrooge treated everybody with disrespect and he got treated the same way, but when he started acting nicely to people they started to act nicely to him.

Ghost of Jacob Marley

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