5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter for 12/14/15

What We Did This Week

We had a lot of stuff happening this week!

In Math we learned about converting measurements. Students discovered how to show conversions with a table, a model, and with multiplying/dividing.

In Science we prepared for, completed, and analyzed the DPM. Students did an AMAZING job on it! This just shows that we are already on a great path for STAAR! We began learning about thermal energy as well.

We Will Will Do Next Week

In Math we will continue with measurement conversions. No video this week! :)

In Science we will finish up thermal energy and take a look at mechanical energy and how energy is used.


Math: Week 15 DMH (no video). If you are planning to leave after the party on Friday, please turn in homework before you leave or on Thursday.

Science: Part 2 Week 7

Upcoming Events

Choir Concert Tuesday 6:30

Thursday is Polar Express Pajama Day (dress code appropriate please; no spaghetti straps)

Holiday Party is Friday 9:15-9:45 (If you are planning on taking your child home with you after the party, please send a note. It's so much easier when they are ready then to have to go back to the office to wait in line to check them out.)

Winter Break until 12/21-1/4