Rosa Parks


what rosa parks stood up for

Rosa parks was a African American she was a woman who stood up for her rights.

what she did

She sat in front the bus even when white people were on the bus. The bus driver told her that she needed to go to the back of the bus or she would go to jail. But she still did not move so she got taken to jail.

boycott was successfuly ended

Joe Ann Robinson and other leaders organized a bus Boycott. After the bus boycott was successfully ended she sat in the front of the bus.

Facts about Rosa Parks

* Her act sparked a citywide boycott of the bus system by blacks that lasted more than a year.

* To national prominence and resulted in the u.s. supreme court decision outlawing segregation on city buses.

*Rosa Parks went to jail.

*Rosa parks was born rosa Louis mccauly in teskegee ,Alabama to James mccauly ,a carpenter, in leon