Camp Packard: 3rd Grade News

In efforts to Connect Parents and Guardians to our Classroom

Math in the classroom...

Students are working on Topics 5 & 6...which means MULTIPLICATION!!! Students are learning and making a connections from repeated addition (3+3+3+3=12) to the multiplication facts (3x4=12). Making these connections and then mastering the basic facts will help empower them in the math classroom. Anything that you can do to help support them with multiplication would be great. Some ideas include: at home, Multiplication War with a deck of cards, math facts games using apps, or on the internet. A great math website I like is (one game shown in the image). Let me know if you need any more ideas, I would be happy to help.

Reading in the classroom...

We are reading, Flora and Ulysses, another wonderful story by Kate DiCamillo. She also wrote The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. As we have been reading we have been discovering how readers are always thinking, always asking themselves questions as they read and answering their own questions along the way. We also realized that our questions we ask ourselves also vary in depth. Some are surface questions (Level 1/Green questions), where others we may have to use the clues in the book to answer (Level 2/Yellow questions).

We are also starting to make connections that while we read any type of genre, including non-fiction, we continue to think about what we are reading, ask ourselves questions. We will be looking deep into Ancient Civilizations as we read non-fiction books, and articles on the topic. Students will be asking their wonder questions on Ancient Civilizations and researching answers during Genius Hour as well.

iPads... now that they are coming home :)

What can my child do on the iPads at home???

Practice reading: reading an ebook on,

Practice Math: practicing on apps (ixl, panda run, bedtime math)

Math websites:,

Creation Project Apps: PicCollage, Explain Everything, Haiku Deck, Book Creator for Book projects and Genius hour learning reports

The list could go on and on...but I will stop here for now. :)