The American Dream

What is The American Dream ?

The American Dream is to have a lot of money, a nice house, and being equal with everyone else. Everyone wants to have a nice house with a beautiful family. If everyone was equal we wouldn't have people living in the street and our world would be different.

The Great Gatsby

Two very different men competing to win a girls heart. And her trying to decide who to pick.

The Crucible

Girls involved in witchcraft ? Who will be accused next ?

The Scarlet Letter

Hester got lonely while her husband was away and got pregnant. She had to wear the letter 'A.'

Young Goodman Brown

Goodman Brown goes on a trip through the forest.

Raisin In The Sun

An African American family get a check for $10,000. They move and is faced with dealing with racism.

Death Of A Salesman

An old man that is trying to face his problems around him. He gets under a lot of stress and tries to find ways to work them out.

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