Unit 3 Project

By: Desirae Deleon


Marijuana is a depressant (downer) drug which means that the drug is not good for you and it brakes down your body inside.Marijuana is the #1 most illegal drug!!!!
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Cocaine is a white powder that comes from the leaves of a coca plant. Cocaine can be one of the hardest drugs to quit. cocaine is illegal.
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Many people drink alcohol because they are stressed, bored, or when they have a celebration, but alcohol is very bad for you because it could result with liver damage, and high blood pressure. Alcohol is legal. alcohol is depressant (downer) drug!!
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Nicotine is the #1 most addictive drug causes more long term health problems than any other drugs. Nicotine causes lung cancer, depression, heart disease, skin becomes skinnier and wrinkled.
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