Prelimiary Task

My school magazine front cover and contents page

Title Page Notes


Sixth Life

~Discusses the whole of Sixth Form which is both Upper and Lower.

~It doesn't discuss High Schol so it hasn't got any connotations of school.



~Sam Nolan

~Happy Expressions connote that he is having a good time in Sixth Form.

~Dressed in smart yet casual clothing to show how the Weatherhead Sixth Form students are professional and ready to learn but it also shows the freedom that Wetherhead allow their Sixth Form students.


~Outside photo also shows the freedom of the students.

~It should also be sunny outside to suggest that every day is a happy, sunny day in Sixth Form.


Main Coverline

~Sam's new life!


~How are students settling in?

~UCAS Deadlines

~Have you got a job yet?

~Assessmet Season

Contents Page

10 regular content

~Editor's letter

~Suitable Sixth Form clothes

~Revision tips

~Dates for your diary

~Student 'Star of the Week'

~This week's Free Rooms

~Extra Curricular Activities


~News about the school

~Mr Dyment's 'Word of the Week'

15 Feature Articles

~Interview with SSLT

~A* Essays


~Top 10 IRIS students

~Charity work

~Interview with Mr Dyment

~School Trips

~SpecialEvents Results


~USeful websites


~LRC Book reviews

~Author Week

~Pink day

~Dress up for Halloween

Planned images

Author Week

~A book by an author who attened Weatherhead


~Author Week poster


~Year 7 Disco

~Trick or Treat buckets



Pink Day

~Student wearing pink

~Pink Day poster

~Breast Cancer ribbon

Mr Dyment's 'Word of the Week'

~Mr Dyment

~Word of the Week poster