Playing 3rd Base


I started playing baseball when I have 3 years old. When I was younger I liked soccer more than baseball but I abandoned soccer by the age of 5 and started focusing more on baseball and wanted to make more of a life out of baseball. I remember when I first started coach pitch I hit a homerun and it went so far that it hit a car. It broke the car’s windshield. Luckily I didn’t have to pay for the repair.

Fast Hands

 I have always played 3rd base for my baseball team. It has always been my passion. I have always been good at it even though most people aren’t. I remember last season we were playing our very first tournament and game. I got a triple play the very first inning. I dove and caught the line drive then touched the bag that the runner was off of and threw it to 2nd where the 2nd runner was off the bag.

Bare Hands

Ever since I was 9 my coach and teammates have always called me bare-hand Barry because of how well I can bare-hand a ball at third on bunts and small hits. The game that officially gave me this nick name was the championship game when I bare-handed 3 balls in one game.

Looking Forward

I still play baseball til this day and I plan to continue playing it. I really love the sport and I can’t get away from it. I have high school tryouts in about a year and I have been training hard for it and I am going to continue working hard for it. I really love baseball and I couldn’t see my life without it.


You can’t earn anything without hard work and effort. If you keep on working hard at it good things will happen.