MRHS Shout-Outs

Volume 6, Issue 26

16 April 2020

Stacy and Michael

Shout out to my amazing co-sponsors Stacey Johnson and Michael Stinziani! I am so impressed that we pulled off a successful Virtual Prom Week! Way to go team!


Taryn and Ian

What these students (and staff) has lost though all of this is huge. But, between the amazing senior letters and other fun articles and everything that was planned for this spirit week/senior celebrations, I hope the students know how much they are loved. I'm happy to have been working with y'all. :) But, on a more personal level, I've simply enjoyed chatting and texting with you both through all of's wonderful to have you guys to bounce ideas off of! And, it's just helped to keep me grounded in these strange times. Sometimes you need a good "How you doin'?" gif to get you through the day.


Tricia and Brandi

Thank you so much for all of your help with my many tech issues - you girls saved me (and my students)!


(I wish your cute emojis would work here, Jen! -TL)

Tiffany Hansen

Thanks for organizing the weekly coffee check-ins! It does my heart good to see everyone's faces and laugh. :)


Patrick Jellum

Thank you, Patrick Jellum, for being such an amazing co-teacher - quarantine or not - you always go above and beyond for your students and for me!

XO Jen

Jeff Johnson

Thank you, Jeff Johnson - just for being you!!

XO Jen

Thanks for reviving the Picayune. We need the laughs.


Stacey Johnson

Thanks for asking your students to create book reviews, Stacey! There are now 46 reviews-check them out here: There seems to be a lot of love for The Things They Carried....:)


Tricia LaRue

Shout out to Tricia LaRue for all of her support and help with my journalism class. Without her help I would not have been able to showcase the beautiful Letters to the Class of 2020 or the fun quarantine articles. Trish is amazing!


Ian Simpson

Shout out to Ian Simpson- as someone who has been behind the scenes with him this week, he truly outdid himself. I truly believe that under his leadership, this Student Government group was able to restore some of the joy and normalcy that we are all missing.


What Taryn said... ;) But seriously, you've worked your butt off, Ian. Get some sleep after this weekend, put your phone on silent, and relax.


If you haven't seen this...


Homemade doc cam, anyone?

Check out this post on Instagram for an ingenious way to create your own doc cam! And, click to enlarge. -->
Big picture

The Class of 2021 Invites you to our MRHS Virtual Prom Weekend Event. This event is FREE and will take place in the comfort of your own home! Starting at 7 pm on Friday night, iHeartRadio’s sister stations from all over the state will be hosting a Virtual Prom. Check it out on 95.7 The Party What a great opportunity to dance along and dedicate your favorite song to a special someone across the distance. You can continue your own Quarantine Prom until Saturday night when royalty will be announced.

There are many ways to participate and you can choose how involved you want to be.

1. Dress up! (No need to order a new dress or try to get a tux. We all need to respect the stay at home order. Just choose something nice from your closet.) Feel free to invite people in your home to help you participate.

2. Upload pictures and message to our prom google form and we will share on our page! We will link as the event draws closer.

3. Tag our social media accounts @mountainrangehs or drop the hashtag #MRprom2020 in a 2-3 second video clip.

4. Make sure you check our MRHS Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @mountainrangehs to see everyone’s pictures! Prom pictures will be reposted on April 17th and the 18th.

5. Royalty will be announced the evening of April 18th .

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