Lord Of The Flies

A closer look into the book, by Marah Frank

A dictatorship..

Jack's tribe represented a dictatorship. He was the only voice in power, and whatever he said, is what the people would do whether they liked it or not. In Ralph's tribe, he had a democracy. He used the conch as a means to allow others to speak. This way although he was the leader, others were aloud to voice their concerns and contribute to final plans of action.(ex. what they think should be done that day, building a fire or hunting)

Quote demonstrating dictatorship: "He's going to beat Wilfred. What for? I don't know. He got angry and made us tie Wilfred up." (Chapter ten)

Quote demonstrating democracy: "Ralph raised a hand for silence. All right. Who wants jack for chief? Who wants me? Every hand outside the choir except Piggy's was raised immediately. Then Piggy, too, raised his hand grudgingly into the air. Ralph counted. I'm chief then." (Chapter one, page 22-23)


I would chose a democracy as a system of government to maintain order in an island society. This would be very effective because it would help to please the majority. There would also be a clear leader in the group helping guide everyone in the right direction and to safety and effectiveness. I would enforce the rules of the island by choosing police like figures who would be in charge of overseeing behavior throughout the community. They would turn in those who offend the rules to whoever is in position of power. There would be certain consequences, each a little more severe depending on the offense of the citizen.


In this island society things will run a specific way. There will be a person appointed official every 5 years. This person will be in charge of making basic decisions such as what the agenda for everyday will be or what the final say will be. Citizens will elect this official and will also be able to speak during meetings once a week. The official will talk about issues and choose people for certain jobs. If half the group ever disagrees with the official on any issues they have the power to over rule him. Offences include physical or emotionally harming someone, not fulfilling your daily job, not attending the weekly meeting and failing treat everyone, including the leader, with respect and kindness.

Civil War in China 1945-1949

What happened during the war?

Impact on Society

During the civil war hyperinflation in China affected millions of people. Therefore a rapid rise in prices took place, but a deterioration in the value of currency also happened.There was a poor taxation base, increased military spending and widespread corruption. If that wasn't enough, Nationalist government’s deficit spiraled out of control.

The damage done by conflict..

"The breaking of the conch and the deaths of Piggy and Simon lay over the island like a vapor." (Chapter 12)

At this point, the group has split into two, and it has been a long lasting battle between Jack and Ralph. Both have continually fought for power and control over the group. Through all of the mayhem as a result, boys have grown more savage and violent. As you can see through this quote, two boys are killed because of this, reflecting the official loss of intelligence and innocence.

South Sudan's 2 Year Conflict

Within this conflict there is a power struggle. (think Jack vs. Ralph) Many people have become collateral damage as a result. (Piggy+ Sam and Eric)

South Sudan is entering its second year of a civil war.

Side one: dinka, Kiir was trying to quash political opposition

Side two: nuer, believe Riek was planning to overthrow President Kiir.

I believe side one will win. My reasoning behind this is because side one has defectors, ex-government officials, and is aided by other small militias.

South Sudan Civil War Explained


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