Dec/Jan Recognition Newsletter

for Rachel Comstock's Jamberry Downline

Welcome to the New Team Members that Joined our Team in December & January!

We're so glad to welcome the following members to our team - and our "JAMily"! Bridgett Perry, Tracey Weih, Theresa Davis, Liane Slicker, Sarah Reifsnider, Wendy Peplinkski, Shannon Bramel, Amber Lindgren, Allison Bayer, Emilie Baublitz, Sally Fox and Chelsea Renard - We are so glad you decided to join us!

December & January Rank Advancements & Fast Start Achievers!

Advanced Consultant - Taylyn Carter, Jennifer Pumphrey, Stephanie Riley & Samantha Hoffman

Lead Consultant - Jennifer Shearer

Second Fast Start - Amy Slicker, Samantha Hoffman

Third and TRIPLE Fast Start Earner - Jennifer Shearer

Maui Incentive Trip Earner!!! KRISTIN COULSON! Kristin worked her business HARD in the month of December and earned her way to MAUI!!! Erin Bugg, Tina Kraipovich, Ashley Mullen, Tiffany Lieb and Rachel Comstock will also be enjoying the Jamberry 2105 Incentive Trip to Maui in March!

Top Sales in the Month of December!

Top Sales in the Month of January!

Even MORE Recognition!

A Huge Congratulations to the rest of our Top 10 in sales for December! Ashley Mullen ($1,510), Rachel Comstock ($1,360), Taylyn Carter ($1,070), Erin Creech ($1,017), Amy Slicker ($965), Johanna Smith ($941) and Amy Decker ($822).

The remainder of our Top 10 in sales for January are Kristin Coulson ($1,401), Johanna Smith ($1,400), Tina Harris ($1,353), Elizabeth Newton ($1,312), Erin Creech ($1,310), Hope Hammond ($1,017) and Sarah Blackwell ($903).

Thank you for an AMAZING YEAR!

Every one of you played a very special part on this team during 2015 - even those of you that just joined in January - you might have purchased or been a hostess last year! :-) 2015 was a year of mixed emotions for many of us: growth, excitement, settling down of the just plain CRAZY of 2014, brand new customers, brand new recruits, saying goodbye to customers and recruits, reaching goals, missing goals, attending meetings, conferences, Summits, making NEW friends, and growing together as a Jamily. However your Jamberry Journey looked in 2015 - it's over! :-) 2016 is a BRAND NEW Year with a brand new set of opportunities, goals, incentive trips to achieve, and LOTS of Jamberry to sell! :-) To date my downline has sold $886,421.96 in Jamberry products. That is a LOT of Jamberry! :-) THIS is the year we become a million dollar organization! I would have laughed if you would have told me in January of 2014 before I started with Jamberry, that within 3 years I'd be working for a company like this and seeing these kind of results from the women on my team. Unbelievable! What do you want YOUR journey to look like? What do you want to be amazed by when you look back at your next 2 years with the company? Only you know your vision for your future with Jamberry. Only you can set the goals, work the SMART steps to achieving those goals that will get you closer and closer to your vision. But one thing is for certain, you will never get a bigger cheerleader and supporter of your journey then you'll find in me! I LOVE this company, I LOVE each of you (even if we've not met), I LOVE that you're becoming a woman that sets her sites on a goal and works, fights, scratches and claws to get there. Whether your goal is a Starbucks drink a week, or Elite Executive in the company, please know that I support you and am in your court - just a pm, email or text away. :-)

Don't forget about the AWESOME recruiting incentive that Jamberry is giving us this month! Work HARD to share your love of the company with others, don't pre-judge anyone, and offer the OPPORTUNITY to everyone you meet! You never know who's life you might be changing. Here's to an incredible February!

Rachel Comstock, Senior Executive

I began my Jamberry Journey in February of 2014. When I started with Jamberry I had NO idea of the financial blessing this business would be to my family as well as all of the amazing women and new friends I would meet along the way. Even though I don't know each of you personally, please feel to reach out to me if you ever need anything. I am more than happy to help in whatever way I can!