EDpuzzle: Enhancing Instruction

A Professional Development Course

Why EDpuzzle?

EDpuzzle is a wonderful tool for engaging students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they are engaged and learning complex concepts. I chose to feature this tool in this professional development course because it is highly engaging, offers CCLS aligned content, is easy to use, and provides engaging learning opportunities. Students and teacher can use it in a variety of ways to enhance learning and understanding of content.

How it can enhance student learning?

EDpuzzle can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, the teacher can use it to provide additional instruction, enrichment, formative assessment to drive instruction, introduction to topics, and review before tests. Students can utilize the program for further understanding of difficult concepts, to create instructional videos of their own, to present reflections on a given topic, and to demonstrate their conceptual understanding on a unit of study. EDpuzzle gives students the opportunity to practice their technology and collaborative skills, as they can create their own videos and share them with their peers.
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Our Responsibility as Educators:

Educators are lifelong learners and are responsible for continuing their education to enhance their students’ learning environment. This professional development course provides participants with the skills necessary to incorporate a digital tool into their classroom and instruction, so students are exposed to and acquiring 21st century skills. It is imperative, in the 21st century, that educators become informed regarding digital tools and technology, so that their students are college and career ready. Taking the initiative and participating in a professional course, such as this one, reflects a commitment to the profession and an awareness that educational needs are shifting.


May 18-21(M-TH)


Instructor: Erin McDevitt

2nd Grade ELA Teacher and Continuing Educator.