November ERMS Family Update


Enjoy This Time

We have completed 14 weeks of the 2019-2020 school year and planning is already beginning for the 2020-2021 year! Enjoy this time with family, eat too much, recharge your batteries, and we will return for three weeks until the next break.

WIN Time

We have completed our first cycle of our intervention time at ERMS! What was Connect last year is now called WIN (What I Need) Time. ERMS will utilize this time for academic needs, social emotional learning, and enrichment. WIN Time will take place on Tuesday and Thursday following second hour. Academic needs will be focused on intervention which is assisting students in specific areas and extension which is an opportunity to challenge and stretch students academically. Social Emotional Learning (SEL- because educators love acronyms) will focus on self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. There are many ways schools in our area implement and teach these competencies, WIN Time will be our vehicle for delivery. If you are curious about SEL, the link below is a great resource for parents and educators. Enrichment activities will be days designated throughout our calendar in which we just have fun with kids. Staff in the building will be facilitating these enrichment sessions and these could include, but are not limited to open gym time, yoga, painting, cup stacking, free drawing, cooking, photography, clubs, coding, and whatever our students are interested in. We are excited about what this time can do for our student growth.


Helping ERMS Families

We are looking for help to make the holiday season a little brighter for some families here at East Rockford Middle School. We would like to reach out to families at ERMS who need an extra hand this holiday season. Please sign up to provide one or more of the items on our list. We will need all the items delivered to ERMS by Friday, December 13th.

Sign Up Link

Upcoming Events

November 27-29 - No School

December 6 - Half Day for Students

December 23 - Break Starts

January 6 - School Resumes

January 14 - Parent Advisory Council Meeting 9:00 AM-Anyone is welcome.