Change In The News

By: Naomi Johnson

Getting To Know

Dr. Martin Luther King, also known as Luther. Did not believe in buying your way into heaven. He believed that you had to show your faith in God and prove to the Lord and his son Jesus that you were a christian and that the Lord was the savior in your life, and that you accept and change in your life with him with you.

Your Belief

You should believe what you want to believe. It shouldn't matter what your friends faith is or what someone believes. You go with your heart and not to worry about what other says about your belief. If you decide to give your life to the Lord you have to move on with your life and not worry about the past, because the past is the past. And the future is a present. Don't worry about if people judge you because of what you believe in, you should just let it fly right over your shoulder like nothing ever happened.
Don't Buy Your Faith, Believe it, Not Show It.

Just be yourself. Don't buy into something if you don't even want it. Enjoy your life. Go for something you believe in, not for something that someone else is doing.