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Chloe + Isabel News for September 2015

A Happy Back to School to you!

I'm only in month #2 of my new business with Chloe + Isabel and I am already well on my way to making their Honor Role! And my sales team finished first in our Northwest region! Thanks to you!!

September is always one of my favorite months; new beginnings, new friends, new wardrobe (yay sweaters). And we can have all that as grown ups too, without sitting at a school desk, with a Pop Up Party.

Pop Ups are booking for this month and into October. Woohoo! Thank you for your continued support. I'm looking forward to sharing our gorgeous fall items with you. I still have spots available for you to earn free jewelry. You get to have a drink and have a few friends over. Or we can host an online party.

Imagine the mystical Scandinavian landscape of jutting rocks where coastal towns and green pastures peek out at the waters edge. A Nordic Tale uses the rich colors of the deep blues of the ocean, light blues of the mists, greens of the escalating hills dotted with sheep and the geometric majesty of the cliffs of the fjords juxtaposed by the stunning colors created by the volcanic minerals.

Do you know of a Holiday Boutique coming up?

Do you know of a Holiday Boutique, Girls' Night, charity event (I give 20% of my commission back to the cause) or any other venue that I can show off some Chloe + Isabel? Please let me know and I will register you as my host and you can earn free jewelry just for the referral!

My Home Boutique- now you can come over and try stuff on!

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Your Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser: Erin Sorenson

Let me help you find the finishing touches!
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