United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

By: Anirudh and Joseph


The Latitude is 24.5 N and the Longitude: 54.4 E of Abu Dhabi, the capital city. Qatar is located to the north west of the UAE. Saudi Arabia is to the south and Oman is to the east. Persian Gulf is to the north. Its in Asia

There is very little rainfall (less than 5 in. of rain per year). It is very hot the UAE. May to October is extremely hot with shade temperatures from 85 ‘F to 122 ‘ F.

It is in the North Eastern hemisphere.

The people live in the desert so, they must want fresh water and shade. Fresh water would be first priority because a lot of their water is salty so I think they have a lot of aquifers and they are searching for a way of purifying water.

About 1 percent of the land of the UAE is suitable for raising crops. Desert nomads tend herds of camels, goats, and sheep.


Each of the seven states of the UAE is called an emirate and is ruled by an emir (prince), commonly called a sheik. Each emir controls his state's political and economic affairs. The government controls foreign matters and defense and plays a large role in the country's economic and social development.

Even though the UAE has huge amounts of oil, the nation is diversifying its economy so as not to be entirely dependent on petrodollars. The UAE hopes to create a good service economy and become a leader in Islamic and international finance. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are growing cities, each busy with construction projects of architecturally distinctive hotels, high-rise towers, and luxury waterfront communities geared toward wealthy residents and tourists.

This can affect the people because they can probably find some good jobs there from the growth. If people move from one state to another there might be different need in each one and prices. The oil could be cheaper in another state and more expensive in the other state.

Human - Environment Interaction

Since the country’s area consists mainly of a desert and 1% of it is good for farmland, the people had to adapt to the environment. There is not much freshwater their, but people there have build structures to help that problem.

Jobs: Since there is lots of oil and natural gas there, some people there will work in oil wells/naturals gas wells to get the oil or natural gas. There are also going to be fishermen since U.A.E. is next to the Persian gulf. Business people come from all over the world to work here in some of the business cities, like Abu Dhabi and Dubai
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The UAE exports more than it imports. Oil and natural gas are the main exports. Leading imports include chemicals, food products, machinery, and transportation equipment. The country's main trading partners include China, India, and Japan.

They are modern day people so they would deliver things by mail/phone/email in the city. People in the desert might do it by mail or camel.

The citizens in the UAE have the cargo boat, so I think if they can get goods to a place by sea or gulf they deploy do that. But if they had to get to someplace by land they would do it by car/train/camel/trams.

The location impacts the place the since it is close to the Persian gulf which is connected to the Indian Ocean, so the U.A.E has trade routes by sea to places like India or Iran or people could fish/moved by boats or cruises. It is also next to Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar.


Swamps and marshes cover much of the UAE's northern coast. The inland area is mostly desert with some water wells and oases. The largest oasis, Al Buraimi, lies in both the UAE and in Oman. In the North, there are some mountainous areas, which are an extension of the Hagar ranges that stretch across the northern part of Oman.

This desert is quite flat along the coast, but dunes appears and tend to grow as you go inland. The sand dunes reach their highest point in the South of the country, around Liwa.

Large Cities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ayn, Ajman, Fujairah.

Most local people are muslims with muslim traditions, their families are important and powerful. Males are dominant, but everyone is educated unlike some muslim countries, and you stand when greeting someone especially is a higher ranking. The country is also a business leader in all the Islamic countries and people come from all over the world to tour the country and its sites. Some traits the locals there might follow are: being generous, successful, hard working, religious, and getting educated.

Languages: The official language is Arabic, the most spoken language is Urdu, and everyone speaks English and most local media is in Arabic.

Research Question

How have U.A.E.'s achievements impact/effect the modern world?

Some of their achievements are:

  1. Made the world tallest structure/building

  2. Tallest hotel

  3. Fastest roller coaster

  4. Largest shopping center

  5. Dubai land

    I think that engineers around the world have realized what they can build after things like the Dubai hotel and Dubai land were made. The structure of the Dubai hotel is unique because the tires at the base help it sustain the waves of the waters. Engineers could put this into use to maybe help sustain tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and other disasters. Also maybe people could make malls more efficient and faster buying times. Companies could also make mega-theme parks around the world. Though some areas can't just have a tall-tall building in the area maybe tower buildings could be made to be more efficient in time it takes to build it.



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