Georgia O'keefe

Maggie Heine

The life of Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia O'Keeffe was born on November 15,1887 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her career as a painter started when she first went to the art institute of Chicago. She used the Santa Fe landscape in her paintings to show skulls, flowers and meadows. Some of her paintings include: Black Cross, New Mexico, and Cow’s skull with calico roses.

She was known to mostly paint flowers. She would create series of the same object over and over with the same form of art to show development within her pictures. Her form of art represented a cross between European abstract and American piscatorial-ism. She has her own museum, showcasing some of the best masterpieces she made in her lifetime. She was married to Alfred Stieglitz, who was a photographer. She died on March 6, 1986 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The impact

In the 1920's, artistry was believed to be a job reserved for men and not women. Georgia O'Keeffe changed that, proving that women had just as much capability as men with her many works of art.