Reverse Osmosis

The filter to use? By: Noah Blais

Water filters?

Have you ever thought how do people get dirty, salt water into fresh, clean water? Reverse osmosis is one of the main, popular and easy ways to filter water. Reverse osmosis is water purification technology that uses something called a semipermeable membrane to remove larger particles and viruses from drinking water. The water goes through the membrane, and the membrane sucks up all the unwanted viruses and bacteria, therefore little or no particles left over.
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Negative Effects of Reverse Osmosis On the Environment?

We need to protect our environment, without it we couldn't survive. Like most ways of filtering water, the salt from the brackish water is left behind. Since the market for salt is so small, most of it is dumped back in the ocean. Another thing is the materials used to make the filters. Many times filters are just thrown in the dump, which is also a waste.

Effects of Reverse Osmosis On Water?

The RO system is overall a very good system but it has its disadvantages. Since the RO system is designed to remove larger particles, it can be a bit of a waste. When the membrane sucks up too many particles, it can be backed up. For example, the water goes through the membrane, sucking up all the particles. Sometimes the filter gets clogged, and water stops going through. This can waste water because when it tries to go through the filter it rejects the water and flushes it back down.

Effect of Tech On Humans?

The effects of water filters are very big on humans. Humans require water to live, therefore proper water is key. With water filters we can drink water without getting sick. every year technology keeps getting better and better. With improving filters, we can drink our water safely.

Overall Result?

Overall the RO system is very effective removing viruses and bacteria. The RO system is guaranteed to remove at least ninety percent of the particles. Overall the RO system can rarely waste a small amount of water, but everything else about this system overturns it. If you are looking for a good overall filter, the reverse osmosis filter is the way to go

Interesting facts?

-The reverse osmosis filter has a prefilter for better results and better membrane life.

-Usually comes with a carbon postfilter to remove gases.

-RO remove at least ninety percent of viruses bacteria

-The RO system is desigen to remove: fluoride, sulfate, nitrate, total dissolved solids, iron, copper, lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, silver and zinc