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Romney Barely Gets 'em

Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and Republican, won the ultimate battle last night when he barely edged out Democrat Barack Obama by one Electoral vote to become the next President of the United States!!! The votes were being counted in Ohio late into the night before they could name him the winner. He won by less than 1% of the vote. Pre-election poles proved accurate as several battle ground states were almost too close to call late in the evening.

Crazed Fans Speak Out

Healthcare and the Economy

When interviewed, many Romney voters said that the thing that won them over was his health care policies with the states having the power. "I just wanted Obamacare overturned." said Mike Williams. For others, it was about the economy. "I can tell that Romney's plan will get me back on my feet and employed in no time!" exclaimed Emily Johnson of Smallville, OH.
Romney finding out that he won the election

Obama's Supporters Frustrated

In the end, Obama felt like this one slipped right through his fingers. He keeps referring back to the early debates when Romney out prepared him. The campaign workers were disappointed with the amount of voter turnout. Obama supporter Julie Thompson insisted that they did all they could but in the end, not enough voters came to the polls.
Romney fan expresses his emotions for the new President.