Chinese Cinderella

Made by Bailey Young

Summary of the book

Chinese Cinderella is about a girl named Adeline. Her mom died while giving birth to her, so her family considers her bad luck. Her dad remarries, and his new wife is not that great. Adeline and her sibling are mostly ignored by there step mother. She only likes her own children. There "spoiled". Adeline really needs the love from her family.

About The Author

The author of this book is Adeline her self. She wrote about her childhood. Adeline was born in Tianjian. she moved to Hong Kong at the age 11. When she was 14 she won a writing competition witch convenced her father to send her off to England. She attended the London Hospital Medical School, graduated as a physician and established a thriving medical practice in California. She worked as an anesthesiologist at West Anaheim Community Hospital and became chief anesthesia.

Story Plot

Character Analysis

Growing up Adeline was not treated well. She was an unwanted daughter. Not even her own siblings liked her. Adeline had a sister and 3 brothers, and a step sister and a step brother.