Week of...... Sept 28 - Oct 2

Mason Dixon Elementary

In Person Blended Learning Begins October 1st for A-L students and October 2nd for M-Z students.

This week, Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, we will continue with Remote Learning. On October 1st we will begin our In-Person Blended Learning Model and MCS Distance Learning Option.

In Person - Blended Learning Model

Thursday October 1st - Grades Pre-K to 5

  • A-L Students will attend In-Person
  • M-Z Students will complete Learn at Home Activities

Friday October 2nd - Grades Pre-K to 5

  • M-Z Students will attend In-Person
  • A-L Students will complete Learn at Home Activities

Attached below is the In-Person Blended Learning Schedule through November 27th.

MCS Distance Learning Option

  • Mason Dixon Student's that are participating in MCS Distance Learning Option will begin that program on Thursday October 1st as well. Specific information regarding the teacher that will provide instructional opportunities for MCS Distance Learners will be provided on Monday.

Buses and Car Riders

Bus Transportation:

  • Bus Schedules are available on the county website, click here to go to this link
  • A Daily Health Screening must be completed for each child before entering the bus
  • Face coverings are required for students, please explain to your child that they must leave face covering on
  • Students will be directed by drivers on where to sit to maintain social distancing, students from the same household will be asked to sit together, please explain to your children that they need to sit with their siblings, stay seated and follow the instructions of the driver.
  • When buses arrive at school students are to remain seated and wait on the drivers to dismiss them from their seats so that social distancing can be maintained.
  • Buses will be loaded back to front, however Pre-K students will still sit in front of bus as required by federal regulations.
  • Pre-K parents must have a bus card to take Pre-K students off at the bus stop
  • Reminder that all students in grades Pre-K to 3 must have supervision at the bus stop for pickup and drop off.

Car Riders

  • Car Rider drop off will begin at 8:20 and last until 8:45
  • Car Rider pick up will begin at 3:25 for families with Pre-K and K students and their siblings (time temporarily adjusted for expected increased traffic) and 3:35 for families with children only in Grades 1-5. Times may be adjusted in coming weeks as we move toward our traditional dismissal time of 3:40, this earlier dismissal is to insure that we are able to properly social distance students during dismissal.
  • Car Rider numbers will be distributed to each household, please display these in your car window during pick up

*Please have a steady, consistent plan for your child's transportation home at the end of the day...changes must be made in writing by a note to the teacher that morning. Phone call changes will only be made for true family emergencies...last minute changes cause students unnecessary stress as they are usually unsure about why a change was made. No phone changes will be accepted after 3:00.

All Meals (Breakfast and Lunch) are Free

All School Meals are Free for students until December 31st. As we begin out Re-entry to school, meal service will be delivered to classrooms to limit large group exposure in the cafeteria. A change is that there will be no milk available for students that bring cold lunch, if bringing a lunch from home, please include an appropriate drink for their lunch.

Lunch menus are available on the school website or by clicking here

Parent Completion Checklist

Here is a checklist to help parents in completing our back to school items. *new items in bold

_____ Complete Daily Health Screening for each child (select "student" on first screen)

_____ Complete the Technology Acceptable Use Policy online *required by Sept 30 or Chromebook will stop working.

_____ Complete the Student Information Update online (formerly the paper WVEIS form)

_____ Complete the Remote and Distance Learning Confidentiality Informed Consent Form

_____ Complete Daily Lunch Request form to pick up a lunch for your child that day

_____ Review the weekly "At Home Learning Agenda"

_____ Assist students with logging in to their Google Classroom to complete and turn in their

assignments. (Pre-K uses SeeSaw)

_____ Fill out and return to school the student information packet received with student

materials (drop in our red mailbox, email to secretary mmammons@k12.wv.us or mail back)