Dragon Points

Durham R.O.C.K.s!


Great job on campus walks. I know that you are witnessing the greatness of your fellow Dragons and the hard work that you all put in. Thank you for your help and support of our school fundraiser!

Melissa C.

It was my first year of teaching. I had a student, Melissa C. who needed some extra help in class so I gave her a pass to come in during advisory. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not completing the part of the pass that lists the time, date, from, and to. So, the student was using this pass to get out of classes, wander the hallway, and who knows what else. The story, while a true tale of my mistake, is also to help those of you who are writing and giving out open ended passes and not placing the important information on there that the right (or not right student) can use to hide in restrooms, unlocked rooms (earlier Dragon Points), or any unsupervised area.

This will lead to the second part of this dissertation which is Dragon Time. In the past, students have not been able to leave their Dragon Time to go to other classes for the paragraph above because of attendance (funding period), district required Second Step lessons and other items. Yet, I understand that many are using this time to help students in various areas. The criteria below will be our first step in allowing students to leave Dragon Time to work with other teachers:

  • Teacher to teacher communication the day before.
  • The student cannot leave until after attendance is taken and the Second Step Lesson is completed.
  • The students must have a pass that includes: student name, from, to, date issued, and reason.
  • The Dragon Time teacher may decline if they having something to work on with the student.
  • If you need a group (more than 5 students) , then it's an event and must be on the master calendar.

This will phase out the second semester as we begin focusing on state mandated testing.

Onto the third part which involves calculators. We have a finite number of calculators which cannot be loaned out to students. The big picture is that during Math STAAR we need a couple hundred for students to use that day. The first person who can state two of the Technology Lab procedures in an email to Mrs. Bevill by 5:00 will receive a jean day pass. While we do purchase some every year they are not inexpensive and must always be accounted for. If you have a student who needs a calculator to complete work during Dragon Time, the math department cannot loan them to the student or DT teacher.

Who Is In Your Class?

Just to give you a heads up! We will be venturing out to complete an exercise that I learned about from another LISD campus. Every teacher will need to complete a form that will ask for you to list your special education, ESL, RTI and 504 students. This will simply be a list. It will not ask for their accommodations. The spreadsheet will be emailed out next week and will be due on November 6th. The list will need to be placed in Mrs. Costa's box and not emailed. Remember that every futuristic movie from The Terminator to the Matrix has the machines taking over and subjugating humans. Not good, not good!!!

Odds and Ends

  • Place your walk-through forms in Mrs. Brown's box in the front office.
  • Fridays are Dragon Spirit Days. To wear jeans you must wear a Durham shirt, not a college or Lewisville High School shirt.
  • Clarification: all students need Trust Cards to participate in the pep rally from the audience, athletes, cheerleaders, band, orchestra, etc.
  • Operation Success (math) begins October 13th. There will be a late bus. For the rest of the core classes be prepared to start up in the second semester around the week of February 8th.
  • Remember to vote for your nominees for TOY (Teacher of the Year).
  • Durham Success Award Programs for students will be in full swing in a couple of weeks. Please refer to tab "D" of your handbook for a full description so discussions during Team Time can begin.


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