The Caller

Juliet Marillier


'The Caller' is the third book in the 'Shadowfell' trilogy. It is about a girl named Neryn who has a special gift called "a caller." with this gift, she is able to call magical beings (that are normally hidden) and make them come to her without choice. Neryn is going against the King's rule to advance her calling skill so that her and the Shadowfell warriors can overthrow him. Ever since the rule of this King began, innocent people are dying so other folks get scared and never disobey the King. Neryn has to travel and around to the 4 sections of her world (north, south, east, and west) to speak to the guardians of the magical folk. Also, while visiting the guardians, they will teach her to improve an channel her skill to call only the beings that are able to fight against the King's warriors. The magical folk can be killed by metal but some of them can handle the touch of it so she only wants to call the beings that can handle the metal. Along with Neryn, there are the other warriors at Shadowfell who are helping to eliminate as many warriors before going into a full battle with the King. Neryn is in love with Flint and in the middle of the book, they finally see each other again after he betrayed his promise to come back to Shadowfell before winter came. Flint is in the King's court and most trusted warrior who also how a special skill. Flint is a mind controller and can make any disloyal being become loyal to the King through magic. The King also has a caller but his caller wasn't trained by the guardians so that his magic could work fully and exactly. This helps Neryn because when they both call at the same time during the final battle, Neryn's call over powers his and she also has more stamina to call for a longer period of time. A lot of blood was shed in the final battle but in the end, The Shadowfell warriors and Neryn killed the King and began ruling her country with Flint by her side. The guardians were there to congratulate her on her victory and her and Flint then got married by the water guardian who was also the guardian of the east. In the end, their world was broken but they were finally free of the King's barbaric rule.


Neryn - She's a 16 year old girl who has the destiny to become a caller (a person who can call magical beings when needed) and she's in love with her traveling partner, Flint. Her father died a year ago after her village was set on fire and attacked. She traveled around to the different gods to work on her skill and become a great caller so she could defeat the King. The King is barbaric and believes in killing people for fun and she works hard and trains so that she can relieve her world from his insanity.

Flint - A warrior who lives a double life to try and get inside details of the King's life and plans so that he can help Shadowfell defeat the King. He is the King's most trusted warrior and that helps him to get all the details of the King's plans. He is also in love with Neryn, his traveling partner his soon to be wife. He is not a caller but he is trained in making people listening to him through a magic process. This can corrupt people's minds and make them loyal to the King which is why he is allowed on the King's court. Flint is a courageous warrior who wants to overthrow the King and change his world with Neryn.

Sage - This a magical being from the north of their world who helps Neryn along in her journey. Sage is only able to help in the North because she cannot cross borders into the east, west, or south. She is very old and powerful and has always believed that Neryn was special. She has a clan that follows her but most of her clan got killed during a culling where the King used his caller to call forth the magical creatures. Sage helps Neryn defeat the King by uniting the North and West creatures to help in her fight against inhumanity.


The Lord of the North says, '"remember this day, people of Alban,' he said. "Let the wisdom of the old ways never again be forgotten. Let the power of ancient peoples never again be dismissed. There had been many losses, many sorrows. May this be a day of healing for humankind and Good Folk alike. May we work to mend this broken Realms,"' (Marilier 410). This quote shows the main overall goal of the people of Alban. They all wanted to relieve the King of his duties and once they did, the guardians showed up to the battle field to give words of wisdom. This is important because people and magical beings used to be able to walk among each other and be friends until this King came to rule and then they were either killed or they hid. If people had shown signs of any magic use, they were either taken to the King's court for his use, hid away and didn't use their magic, or joined the opposing forces and Shadowfell to try and get rid of the King. This quote shows that in the end, good conquers evil and when people come together, they can eliminate something that is hurting all of them. This quote also shows that just because their world was once broken, that doesn't mean that it will always broken. if everyone works together, they can take Alban and bring it back to its full glory where it used to once be.


The main theme in 'The Caller' is courage. Neryn goes against the King's laws to work on her calling so that she can defeat him. Not only is she breaking the law by working on her skill, even just having the skill is a crime unless you're working for the King. Flint also shows courage by being part of the King's private court but also being part of Shadowfell who is fighting against the King. By leading a double life, Flint knows that he could get himself killed but he still goes about it anyway because he'd rather die and good man for a good cause then live as a follower of the King. One other way courage is shown is through all the warriors in Shadowfell. They are all breaking the law by going against the King's ruling and risking their lives to create a better world. The warriors from Shadowfell attack the King's court warriors to try and eliminate some of them even though they know the king will send out more troops to look for his missing men.