Night Content Questions

Jacob Lang

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings?

I think It made them stronger. Mentally. As physically the bodies of these survivors may never fully recuperate from being starved, one piece of bread deciding between living and dying. I also think it made them love there family more, simply because many of them lost there family members in the camps. If you made it out with a family member then you may love them much more. With there other relationships, it may be depressing. All the survivors may ask for them to weep for the dead and they may be sad all the time. It may be hard to keep friends near.

3 themes

One theme is man vs. man. How such a smart man like Hitler could ever think what he was doing is right is crazy. Another is remembrance. We need to remember things like this in the past as to not let them happen again in the future. One more theme is faith. In crisis there faith was tested. The ultimate test was if in crisis like this they could keep there faith strong and die for your faith, or live for your faith.

What this novel revealed about me as a human

This novel revealed to me that I am so fortunate. Many people, like me take too much for granted. Rather than being thankful for what they have. It also revealed that I should have sorrow for people lost, not just in the holocaust but all innocent people that lost there lives, even if it doesn't effect me.