Spiritual Leaders and Mental Health

FREE seminar for clergy to expand mental health knowledge

Our Mission

"More people seek help from clergy compared to physicians for mental disorders."

Our mission is to empower you with knowledge related to the screening, diagnosis, and treatment options available to those with mental illness.

Flexible meeting times and locations!

We will do our best to arrange the sessions around your schedule. We can arrange the seminar on our campus in Maywood and can also arrange to come to your home church. In the event that multiple churches in the area are interested, a communal location can be chosen as well.

Meet Our Team

Additional Information

This seminar can be tailored to meet individual needs. The general program consists of 3, 60-minute sessions. There is no homework, but there will be a brief before and after assessment to gauge how helpful the course has been. As of right now, it is designed for clergy, however we are open to expanding to all ministry leaders, if interested.