Easter Island


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About the People

There are short ears and long ears. The long ears have earings that are very big and the short ears don't have earings. There is 1 birdman and it is the leader of the Polynesians. So the birdman has it's own hut. Some Polynesians hide in underground homes. The Polynesians have a birdman competitions. They have to go to an island that has eggs they get it and whoever gives it to there leader first they give it to them and their leader gets to be birdman. They also have to climb a steep cliff and swim across a sharks.
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Thing (Moai)

Easter island is in the Pacific ocean you may know it as Rapa Nui. There are 887 moai around easter island. The moai is made of volcanic rock that they dug up on the island. The Polynesians made them easily by useing tools.