There AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


There are many different cat breeds. There are way too many I could not count. Cats have a very high breeding rate. Under controlled breeding, they can be bred and registered as pedigree pets, a hobby know as cat fancy. There are short hair breeds such as a Tuxedo and long haired breeds such as a Persian.

Taking Care Of Your Cat

If you don't have a cat go to a pet store or look online.

If your cat is not house trained, you will want to do it right away.

Feeding your cat is important, avoid feeding chocolate or candy to your cat.

Feed your cat dry food in the morning and wet food in the night.

Groom your cat daily if it is a long haired cat.

Take you cat for a checkup each year.

Spend time with your cat a lot. They like and you should too!

Playing With Your Cat

Playing with your cat should be fun for both you and your cat. A toy I recommend that my cat loves is a mouse on a string. Pull it around your house slowly until your cat wants to go fast. Another great toy you can get without buying it is foil balls.