enjoy the longest

anthony nauman 4th period

Analysis of development

freak knew he was going to die. so he made his life fun becuase he had a bad disabilaty. on page 155 and 156 he looked up his decies. He made every thing he did fun.On page 45 just played like a regular kid.freak should be a model for every body. allot of people didnt care for him .but he face socieiy . This tells he cares.

reflection and application

I think that the athour did a great job at the book.Freak the mighty tells what people like freak they feel sad or other feelings. freak mad every moment of his life fun.if i had a desies like freak i would be misarable.but freak was different. Its cool that max and freak were getting along with each other. after that they were friends for ever.

freak the mighty

this book is of a boy who is dumb and one has a diese their names are freak and max the always did stuff with each other.They call themselves freak the mighty.they are 9 foot tall wen they are with each other. but one day it change ed every thing. freak has a usur and dies.
The Mighty - Trailer