Principal's Newsletter

Sam Barlow High School ~ January 2023


I wanted to take this time to wish you all a Happy 2023! I hope the holiday season gave you the opportunity to enjoy friends and family and to give the most important gift of all, time spent together.

Over the next week students will be completing first semester work while preparing for final exams in each of their classes. Please be sure to access ParentVue in order to monitor your student’s progress, as well as touching base with them to see how they feel about the end of the semester. Final exams will be taking place the week of January 23rd, with no school on Friday, January 27th, as teachers will be entering and submitting semester grades. We have included the schedule for final exams in this newsletter so please be sure to make note of this adjustment.

Students are able to access their second semester schedules through StudentVue. We are working through some scheduling changes at this time so there may be minor changes in the final version of their second semester schedule. We will have this work done by January 20th. If schedule changes are needed, please see the section outlining the process within this newsletter.

I am hopeful that you all have a great 2023 and Go Bruins!


During the week of January 23rd through January 26th Sam Barlow High School will be administering final exams using a special schedule. Each class is expected to either give a final exam or facilitate a culminating activity with their students. Students will be on a half day schedule taking two exams each day except Wednesday where they will only take a single exam. We encourage you to talk through this schedule with your student, discuss how they might structure their time to effectively study for their exams, and to inspire them to do their best. Sometimes there is a bit of anxiety around these exams, but we really want to have our students focus on putting in the work, organizing their time, and doing the best they can. With that in mind, we hope to coach our students through the process of preparing and taking an exam.

Please be sure to have your student communicate their needs directly to their teachers through email, or access materials on Canvas. All late work must be submitted by 3:15 pm on Friday, January 20th unless they have made other arrangements with their teachers.


At the start of each semester it is normal for small changes to occur with your student's schedule. We are continuing to make minor changes at this time and plan to have all schedules finalized by Friday, January 20th. Our primary goal, even if changes are needed, is to maintain yearlong core classes (Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies) with the same teacher for consistency and to retain elective courses that have been chosen by your student. All schedules can be seen by accessing either ParentVue or StudentVue accounts.

If a student is requesting a general schedule change, they will need to stop by the counseling office to pick up a schedule change request form.

Please see of the following regarding schedule changes:

  • Our first priority is to serve students who have a missing period (hole) in their schedule.

  • Class changes will be made due to an error on our part related to the entry of course requests.

  • Schedule changes will be made to meet specific academic needs and/or to fulfill graduation requirements.

  • Some courses may not be available due to enrollment limitations and/or conflicts with other courses.

  • Changes to schedules will not be made simply to obtain a different teacher, rearrange class periods, or switch elective choices.

Thank you for your partnership in this process.


As you have seen there are references to the multiple modes of communication you all have access to in order to learn more about Sam Barlow High School, accessing student assignments, and tracking your student's progress. I wanted to take a brief moment to explain each system and how to best use these tools to both stay informed, and to work with your student.


ParentSquare is the system that we use to send written and voice communication home to parents and families. You can download the App in the App Store and Android Market and receive communications and notifications directly to your phone. You can also access features through the use of a desktop machine.


As a parent this is where I "live" with respect to tracking my student's performance. This app allows you to monitor grades, missing assignments, update contact information, and manage all the logistics of your student's information. This provides a very quick snapshot that will help you have conversations with your student.


If your student is absent from school and needs to find out what went on in class that day, if you want to review specific assignments in one of their classes, or you are going to be gone for an extended period of time on a pre-excused absence you will be able to view all assigned work. It is the expectation that our teaching staff post all of their assignments to Canvas for access to both students and parents.


Sam Barlow High School is home to an amazing College and Career Center. Patty Neuenschwander, our College Coordinator, is consistently finding ways to connect students with scholarship opportunities, hosting presentations from colleges and universities, and helping students with the college application process. LindaLee Frazier, our Career Coordinator, works to provide students with exposure to career opportunities by linking local businesses to classrooms, hosting presentations from business leaders, and connecting students to apprenticeship programs, the military, and local job options. These two work tirelessly to provide opportunities for your student.

Please see their newsletter for incredible details and current opportunities:


To access key dates and information regarding the Class of 2023, please visit the Senior Page on our website. You can also get more information about what Jostens offers on their website


In order for students to reach their full potential in the classroom, they must attend school. We want all students to attend at least 90% of all school days. Students should only miss school if they have a fever, have been vomiting, have a medical appointment, or a family emergency. We fully understand that students will sometimes miss school, but limiting the number of missed days is important. Students can’t learn unless they are in class. If we have more students attending at a higher rate, we can also increase the success of our students and our graduation rate.


The Oregon Department of Education, in partnership with the Oregon Lottery is pleased to announce that the Oregon Teacher of the Year Program is again honoring exemplary educators in every region of the state!

  • Nominations are open statewide through February 28, 2023

  • Teachers will submit their applications by March 31, 2023

  • Oregon Education Service Districts will select a winner from their region

  • Regional Teachers of the Year will be honored across the state in September 2023!

  • In October 2023 one of the Regional Teachers of the Year will be named the 2023-24 Oregon Teacher of the Year and will be eligible to apply for the honor of the National Teacher of the Year!

Regional Teachers of the Year will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and will be celebrated across the state. Last year Highland Elementary School teacher Amanda Jensen was the 2022 Multnomah Education Service District Regional Teacher of the Year!

The 2023-24 Oregon Teacher of the Year will receive a $10,000 cash prize (with a matching $5,000 going to their school!) and serve as a spokesperson and representative for all Oregon teachers. Anyone can nominate a teacher!

Gresham-Barlow School District Families: Please nominate your favorite teacher today at The teacher you nominate just may be selected as the Multnomah County Regional Teacher of the Year and be in the running for the honor of 2023-24 Oregon Teacher of the Year! If you have any questions, please reach out to Oregon Teacher of the Year program coordinator Michelle Goodness at; 971-209-8855.


In order to connect with our school community, Principal Bruce Schmidt will be hosting a monthly parent meeting on the fourth Monday of each month. During this meeting, Mr. Schmidt will present on a variety of topics to inform participants of what is taking place at Barlow. These meetings are never "one way" as Mr. Schmidt will gather input from parents and guardians to help make the Barlow experience quality for all.

The meetings begin at 7:00pm and end at 8:30pm and this year we are running a hybrid model with some meetings being conducted virtually through the use of Google Meets and some in-person in the Media Center. The meeting dates for the 2022-23 school year are: 1/23, 2/27 (in-person), 3/20, 4/24, and 5/22 (in-person).

Each month an invitation will be sent to you with an agenda via email outlining the topics for discussion along with the link to the Google Meet for virtual meetings. We look forward to seeing you at the end of each month.


What are the office hours?

7:00am - 3:30pm daily

Closed on holidays and some inservice days

What is the main office number?


Can I leave a message for my student?

Yes. If necessary, we can take messages from a parent or guardian only. Messages will not be delivered to class except in an emergency, but will be held in the office. Students are paged during designated paging times, and it is the student’s responsibility to pick up the note.

Can I bring a present or send flowers/balloons to a student?

We are unable to accept gifts, flowers/balloons for students. We will refuse all attempted deliveries.

Can I deliver coffee/specialty drinks to my student?

No. We will not accept any Dutch, Black Rock, Country Coffee, etc.

Additional questions?

Please call us! 503-258-4850

Who Can Help?

If you have concerns about your child’s schedule or other issues, the following are the staff to contact. Email is a quick way to get answers to the questions you might have.

COUNSELORS (Caseload by Last Name)

A-C Shae Morris

D-H Erin Boelow

I-M Paul Quirke

N-Sa Oscar Rethwill

Sb-Z Molly Ninneman


Katie Ray


Amanda McLeod


Patty Rodarte


Miriam Ward


Brinidey Gil-Salado


A-G Heidi Husbands

H-O Jason Bhear

P-Z Doyle Huelsman