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Dheeraj Choppara

Who Am I

People often have a hard time understanding and learning about who they actually are and what they want to accomplish in life. This was certainly me prior to conducting these numerous quizzes to figure out exactly 'Who Am I?’ Now, I have a better understanding of my various interests, personality, values, intelligences, learning styles and skills. I can use this knowledge to decide an occupation for my future.



The results of the Interest Sorter Quiz showed that I am an 'information' type of person. This category refers to people who enjoy expressing themselves through writing, music or art, doing experiments or researching in their free time. This absolutely describes my interests as I actively practice many of these habits. First, for very project assigned in class, I always enjoy doing my research. It is the most important aspect since it gives you good background information on the topic at hand as well as providing interesting facts. Furthermore, I enjoy conducting experiments in science class because I believe that the best way to learn is why you experience things first-hand. In addition, I occasionally read novels and in my free time to enhance my knowledge.

Personality Types And Traits

Personality refers to the ‘type’ of person one is. The personality that scored the highest for me was orderly/organizer/conventional. It refers to people who like keeping things tidy, enjoy working with details and numbers. I couldn't agree any more with the result of the quiz. First, I like to follow a detailed procedure or instructions when doing an assignment. This is why I always benefit from templates or examples given by teachers. I like doing projects carefully step by step. Also, I keep my notes very neat so it is easier for me to understand and learn which is another attribute of an orderly personality. Furthermore, I organize my binders in such a way that all my notes are easily accessible when needed. This is done using page dividers, sticky notes and colour coating details.

My second top personality trait was Social. This refers to people whole like being with others and helping others in general. First, I am a very good team member and work well with others in groups. I believe that by cooperating with others, we can achieve goals more effectively and efficiently. Second, I enjoy helping people and consider myself very generous. I hand out paper and pencils to my peers when needed and donate to help causes in my community occasionally.

The third personality trait was a tie between Enterprising and Investigative. Enterprising refers to people who enjoy sales, leadership and management; people who can use verbal skills to influence someone else. Investigate describes people who like working with ideas, analyze things and work independently. I can see myself fit in both these personalities. I enjoy reading about businesses and learning about economics and hope to pursue a career in the same path one day. Additionally, I like thinking and analyzing things through. For example, I always brainstorm couple ideas before starting a project so that I have a couple of options to decide upon.

Personal And Work Values

Values are the principles of beliefs that are important to you and they affect various aspects of your life including your personal and work decisions. Let's begin with the work values. After completing the Work Values worksheet, I discovered that my top four work values are competition, security, helping society and money. I keep these values in mind when deciding for a future career path that suits me the best.

On the values inventory quiz, which was more personal, my top values were money, caring, excitement. Although I had expected the money and caring values to be high, I was definitely surprised when excitement showed up in my top three. I am extremely terrified of dangerous activities and am also scared of heights which is why I was least expecting it. However, when I went back to look at the type of questions, I realized that many of the answers do relate to me. For example, I love being where the action is so if ever there is something special happening in the school, I always try to get involved. Also, I enjoy selecting and watch exciting TV shows, my favourite right now are Arrow and Flash. The last completed personality quiz was where I had to number each value from one to 23. My top three is their respective order were Family, Knowledge and Generosity. This illustrates a lot about me as a person. I have always admired my parents because of everything they've done to ensure we have a satisfying life. They've always loved me and I hope to repay this affection by doing something special for them when I grow up. Knowledge is also one of my top values since I enjoy reading and learning new subjects. When we are taught a new topic in school, I usually research it at home on my own to gain a better understanding. Knowledge is something that no one can take away from you. Generosity is another huge value for me. I try my best to give back to the less fortunate in my community my donating my clothes at the local donation box or even donate funds to charities. In a smaller scale, I also believe I'm a good friend as I always lend people papers and pencils when they need it.


Multiple Intelligences are essentially the skills you have in various regions involving Intrapersonal, Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Naturalist, Spatial, Bodily, Musical and Interpersonal skills. Everyone has all the intelligences, however one intelligence may be stronger than the other. Each area can be strengthened and results can change over time. My top three intelligences in order were; Logical-Mathematical, Naturalist and last, Interpersonal.

As expected, the area of intelligence that scored the highest for me was logical-mathematical strength. This skill is easily portrayed throughout my life. Being logical-mathematical smart involves the ability to use numbers, apply mathematical concepts in real life and also includes being neat and orderly. I've always loved math and enjoyed solving problems and working with numbers. Each day, I look forward to math class because I both enjoy and excel in it. Furthermore, when we go grocery shopping, I tend to add up the prices of all the products prior to reaching the cash register. Moreover, being logical-mathematical smart involves being neat and orderly. This is highly true of me since I tend to keep my notes very organized so that I don't lose anything important.

Surprisingly, my second highest strength was Naturalist. This strength involves nature and the environment as well as many of the life-sciences. Though this was a bit shocking, there were a few reasons why I believe I got this strength. First, I love working in the garden. I spend countless hours gardening with my father over the summer. Furthermore, I do care quite a bit about the environment and try to implement environmentally-safe procedures in my house. We appropriately use green bins and recycling bins in my house and believe it makes a substantial difference.

The last strength was Intrapersonal or in other words, Self-Smart. This involves understanding your own interior thoughts and feelings in a very clear way; able to assess one's own strengths and interests to set goals. This option really suits me since I always set mini-goals when starting an assignment to lead up to the final completion. Also, my attitude affects how I work. For example, when I believe in something, I put more effort towards it. So if there’s a really important science project, I work really hard on it as appose to a normal worksheet for homework.

Learning Styles

In the results of all three quizzes, Visual Learner had the highest score of all. Auditory came second and Kinesthetic was last. Many attributes of a visual learner certainly relate to me. A visual learner is someone who often understands and remembers best by seeing, reading, watching, drawing or making diagrams I always understand better when there are diagrams and graphs that enhance what we are learning. I also am very neat and like keeping my notes neat and tidy. If I find that my notes are not legible, I would sometimes spend the weekend rewriting the notes to make them neater. Furthermore, visuals help me remember information easier. When writing a test, I can easily remember a picture or diagram rather than a huge paragraph. Furthermore, at home I enjoy watching TV shows and movies which is another attribute of a visual learner.


Skills are abilities that can be developed and improved through experience, practice and training. Essential Skills or Transferable Skills are skills that can be used in various jobs that are learnt at school, work and throughout life experiences. Based on the Ontario Skills Passport, I believe that my top three skills are money math, job task planning and organizing and computer use.

First, as mentioned earlier, I am very good with numbers since I am a logical-mathematical learner. (Intelligence) When it comes to adding the prices of products in a shopping cart, I am happily willing to do it! Moreover, I try to search for the best deals prior to making any big transactions in order to be an informed and active customer. This also results in many cost-saving for the family. Last, I also do very well in math class at school as I enjoy solving challenging mathematical problems.

Next was computer use. I enjoy using computers on a daily basis as it is a huge part of my life. Many of my assignments and projects are done one computers which is the main reason how I have become so tech-savvy. I know how to use many software in a computer and am also very good at troubleshooting problems. Everything from Word, PowerPoint, Excel to Photoshop, Premier, After Effects. Did I also mention that I one of my favourite hobbies is gaming on my computer.

The last of my top three essential skills was Job Task Planning and organizing. I realized that this was another skill that suited me the best due to many of my habits. First, I enjoy using the calendar app on my phone in order to organize my plans for the day. This helps me stay on track with my homework and keep in track with my activities for the day.

As per my personal skills, I have been praised to be honest, patient and dedicated ever since I was a small child. I used to and continue to be frank with my parents – if I had not eaten my lunch, I would tell them that I didn’t like it and even though it would always end up with me having to finish the food at home, I felt it was the right thing to do. Furthermore, my name ‘Dheeraj’ actually means patient – I was told by my parents – and ironically enough, I believe that I do exhibit this characteristic. I tend to always wait for my turn when in any line and don’t mind silently reading a book till the doctor calls me up. Dedication is another key aspect for me. I set out goals for myself to complete and always try to pressure them the best I can. I try to get a ‘whole picture’ idea of what am doing so that I am motivated to complete a certain task.

My top technical skills based on my preferred occupation – investment banker – are marketing, trading, and researching. I believe that I do a fairly good job at presentations when it comes to speaking confidently and projecting my voice. The skills are essential in the marketing department of an Investment banker since you must continuously make presentations to the company you work with. This occupation also involved trading stocks and shares so knowing about these is essential. Last is researching. You must have the skills to effectively and efficiently research key information about various investments. This suits me perfectly as I am an ‘information’ type of person who likes doing lots of research.

Brain Dominance

Based on the results of the quiz I am a left brain thinker. A left brain thinker refers to people with an analytical approach to learning. I believe that this is an accurate depiction of my learning and thinking style because many of the left brain scenarios strongly apply to me. For example, I like learning new things in steps like solving a math problem step by step. Furthermore, I organize all my binders neatly which is another attribute of a left brain thinker. The results of the quiz also matched my intelligence which I scored highest in the logical-mathematical strength. Similarly, my personality was an organizer and interestingly matched my left brain thinking.

This quiz allows for us to know which brain is more dominant which can help us understand our strengths. It also reminds us to continue using both sides when doing tasks. It is always good to use both sides of the brain when conducting a specific task.

How can this help me in the future?

High School and Work Place

Ultimately, all these quizzes help me succeed in school and also aid me in deciding a future occupation for myself. Now that I know my strengths and weaknesses as well as my interests and skills, I can use this knowledge to my advantage to do well in school. For example, when there is a test to study for, I can try to expose myself to more charts and diagrams to help me remember information rather than listen to someone explain it. This is because now I know I am a visual learner and learn best through media and pictures.

As mentioned, I can also use this information to decide upon an occupation that suits my needs. For example, I can find a job that meets my interests, values, skills, personality, intelligences and brain dominance. Regarding my interest in information, an occupation with a lot of research or writing would suit me best. I value competition, security, helping society and money so choosing an occupation that has a good salary while helping people would be most beneficial. A job that involves money math, job task planning and organizing and computer use would be advantageous since these are my top essential skills. Based on this criteria, I decided that a job in the business field would make me most satisfied as it meets many of my strengths and values. For example, an investment banker would need to do a lot of market research and calculate financial transactions for the company. They also have a high salary and help companies prosper. Overall, all this knowledge gained about myself can help me through high school and also put me on track for a suitable career.