Present Day Kung Fu

By: Andrew Bruce

Inspiration Paragraph

I was inspired to choose present day Kung Fu because I don’t know anything about Kung Fu, and all I know is it's one of the few martial arts that exist in this world. Kung Fu is similar to the martial arts I took when I was little, it was called Tae Kwon Do. Kids in the United States are learning Kung Fu and I just want to learn about something new that I don’t know to this day. Also many kids practice Kung Fu in China, so I would be interested to learn about this martial arts and how these kids practice.

Did you Know?

  • The Yaun Dynasty and the Xia Dynasty were the two dynasties that developed the fighting skills of Kung Fu.

  • Kung Fu doesn’t use a Dojo, unlike so many other martial arts.

  • Kung Fu is made for self defense for anybody that tries to attack you at any time.


Kung Fu is a martial art that is practiced in China that is created for self defense for anybody who tries to attack you at any time. It started because of aid in hunting and protection of enemies. Kung Fu also involves learning how to fight with weapons made out of stone and wood and learning how to fight with your bare hands. "Kung Fu was developed by the Yaun Dynasty (1271-1368) and the Xia Dynasty around the 21st to 17th century BC", as stated from Kung Fu also keeps you in good shape and it's also a form of entertainment. According to, it states that “ Kung Fu has become a large system containing various schools or sects. It is recorded that there are over 300 distinct types of boxing existing around the country. The styles in northern and southern China are quite different. “ This means that there are so many places in China that practice Kung Fu and over recent years, it’s becoming more and more popular. The northern styles are known for kicks and wide stances and the southern styles are more about using your hands with small stances. According to, it states that “Kung Fu doesn’t use a Dojo, unlike many other martial arts do. Kung Fu is often done outside. A Dojo is more for Japanese martial arts like Karate, Aikido and Judo. Foreign martial arts that have sprung from Japanese origin such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also use the word dojo. However, Kung Fu is Chinese in origin, therefore it is only proper to use its original term.“ So, Kung Fu does not have a dojo because the word “dojo” is more referred to a Japanese term and used for Japanese martial arts like Karate and Taekwondo. I know what it’s like because I took Taekwondo lessons when I was in second grade and broke a board with my bare hands. All the martial arts are a little similar, but there’s some differences between them. Kung Fu is still a popular form of martial arts in China and around the world.
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Picture of two people practicing Kung Fu at dawn
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picture of Students that practice Kung Fu
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Picture of Yin and Yang which Kung Fu believe in


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