By: Bryant Miller


Legend has Laos starting in the eighth century as a small mountain kingdom of the adventurer, Khun Borom.

Important Events

From the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, Laos grew until it almost swallowed up the Indonesian peninsula.

19° N, 102° E


Social Class Order


Traditional Food, Music and Dress

Larb and Green Papaya Salad are two of the top traditional foods,

Men wear a pullover shirt, and blue jeans, during festivals they wear traditional pa salong, ankle length pair of pants shaped from a single piece of silk is wrapped around the waist, brought through the legs, and tucked in at the back.

Farmers wear pa khao, a wide band of cotton cloth can be folded to fit the need of the moment

Women wear the sinh, it is a one yard wide and 2 yard long sewn to a border interlaced with with gold and silver, and is worn wrapped and tucked around the waist, a wide belt holds it in place, above the sinh the women wear a put on a solid-color blouse and sometimes use a shaw over the left shoulder

It is common to go barefoot, especially in the village or at home.

Lam-Mor and Lam-Lam Luang are the top music types in Lao

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Official Lao language/ Laotian


Buddhist religion, and the Buddhist monks can’t destroy lives, steal, lie, drink alcohol, eat except for certain times, use perfumes or ornaments, sleep on high beds, or accept money. He takes a bow of poverty, only owning a yellow robe, a begging bowl, a fan, an umbrella, a bag, and some needles.


Communist State-8th century to present-Democratic Republic

Nuclear or Extended Family

Nuclear Family


Beliefs are influenced by the Buddhist and Boun Pha Vet celebrated once a year/The Great Birth Sermon

Evidence and How it Helped

The evidence is that to this day the Buddhist monks are still in Lao

It has helped them because they learn to be patience and to accept another man