Leads Only Duties!

Processes to only be completed by Leads, ASLs, and SAs

High Priority Exceptions Requests or HPERs

  • Only your Leads/ASLs/SAs are able to file HPERs- these include any cancellation requests outside of the 60 minute window, same day shipping requests, or any address/shipping method change that you feel needs to be prioritized.

  • Simply GChat or speak with any of the leadership on your team about the issue, and they will decide if the HPER is necessary

Bugs Reports

  • Please reach out to your Leads/ASLs/SAs if you have a tech issue that is serious enough to require the Bugs Team’s attention.

    • Your leadership receives an email every time a bug is reported, so in some cases, the issue may be in the Bugs Team’s hands already.

    • Also, when requesting a Bugs Report, be prepared with the customer’s support details. You can have them submit those to support@modcloth.com via this site: http://supportdetails.com/.

Store Credit Removal

  • If your customer received store credit when they were expecting a refund, please reach out to your leadership about requesting that to be removed. Please keep in mind that this is a request, and your Leads/ASLs/SAs can say no to a store credit removal if they don’t think it is an appropriate appeasement for that situation.

  • If your leadership approves the request, they will file the store credit removal form and complete the process from there (including filing the MRR once the store credit has been removed).

  • Remember that this can take 10-15 business days, and the customer is not able to use ANY store credit on their account within that time frame (that includes any previous store credit balance as well).

Processing or Checking Manual Refund Requests

  • Only the shift Leads can process MRRs.

  • Your ASLs/SAs can only view the MRR doc to verify that an MRR has been filed. We are not able to take any action on those.
  • Quick note: When an MRR is filed that means that the request has been submitted. When the MRR is processed, a lead has put through the refund (it is usually another 2-5 business days before the refund will be seen on the customer's end, but it ultimately depends on their financial institution's policy). When an MRR is processed, there will be a note from a lead.

Creating New Coupons

  • Notice that all of the codes in the coupon pool have been used? Reach out to any Lead/ASL/SA- we will get some new ones created in a jiffy!

Advocate Phone Calls

  • Any time that you take a call from an advocate who is running late or is sick, just go ahead and GChat your Lead/ASL/SAs to tell them who is on the line, and then transfer them over. It is always nice to give them a heads up that you will be transferring an advocate over :)