Canadian SMORE Project

By Ashley Yoon

Where do most of Canada's citizen live?

Most of Canada's citizens live in the southern part of the country near the american border. The first reason that most Canadian's live near the American border is that Canada mainly trades with America and the imports come from mainly America's direction.

The second reason that most of Canada's citizens live near the American border is that the summer has high temperatures and in the winter they have and average temperature. Winters can be very harsh in many regions of the country. Most non-coastal regions can have snow for six months or more in the winter.

The third reason that most of Canada's live near America's border is that there are many natural resources such as trees/plants, Lode gold, Uranium, special types of metal mainly found in Canada, and Magmatic deposits. Canada also has a lot of trees and forests like the one down below!

Green places in Canada!

Quebec independence movement

Quebec wants to be their own country and secede from Canada. Quebecois are French Canadians who feel that they need to secede from the rest of Canada because they speak and have traditions of the French people, but the rest of Canada speaks English and was basically claimed by Great Britain. About 81% of people in Quebec speak French as their first language. Also most Quebecois had different religious beliefs than the American speaking Canadians. Most Quebecois were Catholic while the American speaking Canadians were protestants. These are some reasons why Quebec wants to secede from Canada, but more English people are visiting Quebec every day.... What would you do if you were a person from Quebec?