Halt Any Hiatus

Wednesday Wellness | Nov. 11, 2015

In This Installment of Wednesday Wellness:

  1. Halt Any Hiatus: Here's How
  2. Service of the Week: The Coliseum Barber Shop
  3. Group Fitness Class of the Week: Essud's Power Yoga
  4. Mind: Do We Find Happiness or Does Happiness Find Us? | Psychology Today
  5. Body: Mountain Climber Exercise | Ace Fitness
  6. Bonus Quizz: Cancer Myths & Facts | WebMD
  7. Wednesdays Last Word

Halt Any Hiatus

If you have "taken a break" from working out or eating clean, it's time to "halt any hiatus."

Granted, this time of the year is typical for health clubs and gym activity to decline, but it's a good thing we are not "typical." The national average for gym activity goes down an estimated 44% the last quarter of the year compared to the first quarter. That type of attrition is not the case with us, good job Coliseum members! We are still on target to hit 1,200 check-ins for November. Many of our core members are present year round. We collectively encourage others to do the same! Allow your resolve from new years resolution to extend year round!

Healthiest Employer, LLC, reports the 2 greatest contributing factors in activity (higher utilization) plus retention (year round participation) for onsite health clubs are:

1) Consistent access to facility & programs during work hours.

2) Access to health information through literature, signage or web portal.

In addition, our culture also speaks to a relational reasoning. Here are 2 valid ingredients:

1) social wellness (interest and peer based)

2) the right people leading with the right offerings (passionate qualified fitness specialist supplying current needs).

Human nature does indeed suggest it is too easy to allow one week off to turn into one month off. However, I know there is an awareness in you and a fire to get you right back on track! That is, if you feel you are not there now...

Here's How:

  • Get accountable. Our group classes and buddy training are the most popular forms of training for good reason. They nurture accountability. It's a gift you give yourself when you commit to sharing a common goal.
  • Accept being active as life. Make an active life an excepted part of your life, it's just who you are. Think of it like eating or brushing your teeth. Don't imagine your existence without physical training. Your mind is set on what you set it on. Establish mental concrete and become unshakable in your commitment to optimal health.
  • Stop it before it starts. Michael Jordan used to say there is no "off-season", and Ali said, "If you stay ready you don't have to get ready." Off days are important, but don't allow that to translate into an entire season off. Free days are good, but don't allow those to turn into multiple free days. Give yourself rest if you are sick, but do not allow sluggishness in your fitness routine to persist after you heal. Candy for a day doesn't need to turn into candy for 10 days, etc. I know you are picking up what I am laying down.
  • Set a fresh goal. Go ahead and set a fresh goal now, don't wait until January. Think of how much further you will be ahead at the end of Feb. if you keep your training up through this holiday season! 3 ladies told me yesterday their goal is a half marathon in March, and their training plan is taking them right thru the holiday season. Perfect.
  • Keep your motivation up. When you feel your mo-jo slipping some, give it a boost. How often do you need motivation? Zig Ziglar put it this way, "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."

Service of the Week: The Coliseum Barber Shop!

We gladly welcome our latest Coliseum service, the barber shop!

For those with busy schedules and find it hard to break away for a quick cut, trim or clean up, we have the solution!

A.K., the barber, is taking appointments in the Coliseum every Tuesday from 10am to 1pm. Each appointment will be 30 minutes. You can schedule through Mindbody, the link below, or by emailing the Coliseum!

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Group Fitness Class of the Week: Power Yoga

Join in with Essud for power yoga! This class happens every Tuesday at 2pm, Wednesday at 1:15, and Thursday at 2pm.

Class description: "Integrate you mind and body through Yoga postures for all levels. The class includes intermediate to advanced poses sequenced at a slow to moderate pace that provides improvements in overall strength, endurance, flexibility and body awareness. Focus will be placed on alignment and breath as you flow from post to pose."

Below is a picture of our yoga instructor. Just another day at the office...

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Wedneday's Last Word

"Treat your body as it deserves."

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